Monday, 28 February 2011

A Weekday NIGHT makeup look VIDEO

I finally got around to making a video. I actually recorded this a while back- but just edited it now.
This is a look for a weekday Night out. This look is much different for me then a weekend night look which I will also do soon.
( I'm trying to figure out how to make the videos bigger- if anyone knows how to on blogger please let me know xx)

** Products listed below**

From start to finish:

1.Lip stain- Tarte natural matte lip stain- exposed
2.Concealer- Bobbi Brown- creamy concealer- warm natural
     -( in video Im using YSL touche eclat stick to highlight after concealer)
3.Cream primer (on eye lid)- Bobbi Brown- longw ear cream shadow- Malted
4.Brow Podwer- MAC brow shader- browning
5.Shadow- Laura Mercier sateen eye colour- Gilt
6.Shadow Crease- Laura Mercier- Truffle
7.Eyeliner brush- Smashbox #21
8. Gel eye liner- MAC Blacktrack
9.Mascara- Lancome - HYPNÔSE DRAMA
10. Bronzer- Laura Mercier- Dune Bronze
11.Pressed Powder- Laura Mercier- Foundation powder- #3
12.Shadow - LAura Mercier- Coffee Ground
13.Nude lip stain- Laura Mercier- lip stain- Peach Glaze
14.Blush (forgot to show)- Lorac Blush- Pink

Weekend Night Look coming soon!

Night Look coming soon

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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Daily Mirror Pics 2.28.2011

This weeks Daily Mirror pics is a combo of CA and Switzerland.
Gym time in CA.

Gym.. Love my sweatshirt

Dinner. Black see-through mesh boots by Christian Louboutin. Black sweater by Express.
Jeans- Frankie B, Belt- Gucci

Sweater- Express, Jeans- Frankie B, Belt- Gucci

Reppin where I'm from- NY baby. NY yankee fitted. Shirt- American Apparel.

Sweat pants- Victoria Sectrest, Shirt- American Apparel, Bag- Gucci, Hat- Fitted. Panties- VS

Switzerland. View from our Chalet.

Switzerland where Iv been - outfits below

Jakcet- Smyth, Shirt- Hollister, Jeans-FrankieB, Scarf- Burberry, Boots- (not sure)

Jacket- Hollister, Leggings- David Lerner, Boots- (not sure)

JAcket- Sass and Bide. Bag- Chanel, Shirt- Faith

Jump suit- Juicy Couture, Boots- Uggs, JAcket- Hollister

Leggings- David Lerner, Boots-Dolce VIta, Jacket- Sass and Bide

Jacket- Smyth, Jeans- FrankieB

xoxo, J
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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

My New Makeup and Look!!

New Make-up and Look !!

Hey girlies- So recently on a trip back home to New York I stopped in at Barney's because I had forgotten my eye liner = catastrophe! LOL
I also was looking for a new concealer. I had tried a line called Kevyn Aucoin in Sephora a while back but hadn't seen it there ever since. So when I saw it in Barneys I went and got matched for his concealer a second time...IN LOVE. The house makeup artist for Kevyn Aucoin decided to try a few more things on me and of course I loved and bought. He put 2 eye shadows together that I would have never thought to and I'v been wearing it ever since; also in the pic to the left.
Just the other day bought my first liquid foundation by Makeup Forever. It's really light and makes your skin look flawless without looking caked on.
So below I listed everything I bought on my trip to Barneys NY and also what I used in this picture.

Here is what I bought and used in this pic:

1. Kevyn Aucoin - The sensual skin enhancer- I use number SX08
-- I used under my eyes, blended in the corners up into my eye lid area, around my nose and "smile line" area to cover redness and on any blemishes I may have. Its amazing

2.Kevyn Aucoin- The essential eye shadow single- I bought Whisper and Blush.
-- I use Whisper on my lid closest to my eye lashes and then I use Blush on my crease where I would normally put a dark color.  Sometimes I will take a thin brush a put a little bit of Whisper right under my eye brow to highlight my arch.

3. Kevyn Aucoin- The precision Brow (eye brow pencil)- I use color Brunette.
-- What I like about this is that you get a more defined look than you do with just powder. So I use my powder first to darken my brows and then I use this pencil to create a more defined arch and to elongate the end of my eye brow. It also has a small brush at the end to blend so it doesn't look like you just drew your eyebrow on with a pencil- that look is so 2000 LOL.

4. Bobbi Brown- Long wear cream shadow - I bought Ballet Pink
--I use Bobbi's cream eye shadows everyday wether for the color or as a primer. I bought the ballet pink to use on my entire lid-(lash to brow). Then I would apply the Kevyn whisper to my lid and the blush in my crease. I also have malted by Bobbi which is super pretty too.. You'll fall in love with these

5. Kevyn Aucoin- The eye lash curler-
--So I normally use the Shu Uemura eye lash curler and swear by it but the makeup artist showed me this one and I couldn't help but give it a try. There are likes and dislikes- what I LOVE actually is that it opens up so much wider that the Shu Uemura eye lash curler allowing me to easily grab all of my lashes without having to squint and wiggle it around. What I don't care for is the eye lash pad. I think the Shu Uemura eye lash pad is firmer giving you a better curl. Over all I like it a lot and it does just fine. I think Ill stick with the Kevyn Aucoin one for a while. Deff give it a try.

6. Kevyn Aucoin- The flesh tone lip pencil- I use the Medium color.
--I used to use 2 different mac lip pencils, but now I LOVE the shade of this one. Im over my Guidette days of wearing dark lip liner and a pale lip color, but I still like to line my lips. This color from Kevyn works great for me. It blends really well and is just the right neutral but there color!!!

7. Kevyn Aucoin- The expert lip tint- I chose the color - Faith (pearl pink)
--This color is really great fro day or night. I use my lip liner first and then apply this all over and it just looks amazing. I have it on in my pic above. Its not thick and tacky. It's smooth and has a slight shimmer to it. Its a pink pearl, but just enough of both. Looks great with the pink eye shadows too.

8. Makeup Forever- HD invisible cover foundation -  I bought # 155.
--I really like this for a cover foundation. It's really light and makes your skin look flawless without looking caked on and tacky; I only wear it at night. I had bought 155 because I had just spray tanned but I think I'll need a new color for winter when I'm not as tan. Looking on the website they have so many and it explains exactly which color is for what type of skin tone. I think I'm going to do my research on the website first and write down the numbers I think I might be. Then go to Sephora and try them there. I think in this pic however I have on Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer-which is also great!!

Also used in this look:

9. Laura Mercier- Bronzing Pressed Powder- In Dune Bronze
--I like this bronzer because it gives me just enough color without making me look orange. It's has a tiny bit of shimmer but doesn't make you look shiny. For winter months I think it's the perfect color.

10. Serge Lutens- Blusher- (just one color)
--So I think this line is only sold in Barneys. It is SUPER expensive. I have to say I picked up a whole bunch of his makeup and then when at the register found out just how much I spent. I was too embarrassed to say anything so I just paid it. I will say however that his makeup is great. The quality is amazing and I'm happy I bit my lip and paid for it. The blush comes in only 1 color and is very velvety.

So girlies.. I hope you enjoy this look and go to Sephora and play around with some of the things I listed. What is great about Sephora is that if you take something home, try it and decide you don't like it, they will take it back; no matter what!

As for Kevyn Aucoin click this link to see where you can buy and try his products!


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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Some cute finds:

SO whenever I'm in Switzerland I do alot of web browsing as Im not a huge skier.  Someone on here had told me about a site called . I had never been to the site but they have a ton of really cute things for really great prices.
** makeup blog coming tomorrow when internet is better :) **

update: I just placed an order for some things. When I get them I will take pics and give an update on what I think and the quality <3

 Here is what I liked:

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