Sunday, 24 April 2011

Daily Mirror Pics 4.23.11

My bridal shower

Bridal shower- jacket by Derek Lam

This is what the jacket looked like. I had my tailored to be shorter. I think
way cuter :)

How amazing is the back!!!!!

Im obsessed with this black jacket I got at Barneys. Not sure the brand- will have to look

Its cropped in the back.. How amazingg

Jeans by citizen of humanity. I have them in Light and Dark.. love

New makeup style. 

G.T L? not so much L LOL

Tan vest by Helmut Lang <3

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Sunday, 10 April 2011

**New Additions**

While shopping on a  trip home to NY I went into Nordstroms and came across these AMAZING tanks. They are by a company called Twenty ( ). They are made out of Modal/spandex and produced in Canada ! They feel amazing and the cut is great. They look super expensive but cost $68.00. Granted that sounds alot for a tank top- but the quality is amazing. The only down side is that your MUST dry clean it. Of course being thick headed I put it in my washing machine ANYWAY and washed it myself.... BAD IDEA. It is deff a dry clean only item. The material didn't respond well at all to my washing and dryer machine and now I have to go buy a new one bc it looks dingy and worn out. As for sizing- I bought a size small but could have gone with an XS- I think bc the material is so stretchy.. Anyway- I bought all 4 colors that it comes in and have rocked them both day and night. I love the stitching detail and the material is just amazing ( see pics below) .. I deff recommend this to you girlies who are looking for an "expensive" looking tank top... One of my fav buys for the summer!!!

I LOVE the detail stitching down the side of the tank.

I got this product while in London and I HAD to share it.. It smells amazing! It's a leave in conditioner by Revlon professionals and is called Hydro Nutritive Conditioner Equave 2 phase...  LOVE
 I Love Illamasqua 's nail varnish. Here are 4 of my favs. The yellow is a NEON yellow- neon like glowing neon LOL. They are all really great quality nail polishes and can compare to Chanels nail Varnishes which are another of my favs.
Colors from left to right:
pink- Collide
yellow- Rare
purple- Jo' Mama
blue- Force

Purple nail polish is huge this season- 3 different great colors are
Illamasqua- Jo' Mama
Essie- Nice is Nice
Revlon- #185 Lilac Pastelle

 Some new colors I got-
Revlon- #185
Essie- Nice is Nice
Essie- We can do it Pink! ( purchasing this color benefits breast cancer awareness .. see below)
Duri- Bachelorette Party
Chanel- #511 Pearl Drop

Really cute for summer and for a great cause <3

 I got these at Harmons- They are tiny nail polishes by Orly but I wanted to see how they compared to the YSL metallic colors I bought. The quality is actually really nice and a fraction of the price.

 I also picked up a new top coat by Essie (let it shine) and Drying Drops by Nicole which work great!!!

 At sephora I picked up this amazingly smooth finishing powder. Read below all about it- It's a really great product and different from a translucent powder. I bought the cute brush from Too Faced which is also used for a finishing powder that they have _ but I liked the benefits in the Tarte powder better.

 This is my FAVORITE blush for summer. It's new from Givenchy and looks amazing when applied on top of a bronzer. The combination of the different pinks gives the perfect color.. Love love love this blush :)
Color- #24 It girl Purple

This is a new eye palette from Nars called Calanque. It's amazing for night when wanting to glam it up but not look too over done. I wore it when I went to the Intermix and Rag and Bone event-Picture below. Love the combination with the green for my crease.

 I picked up 2 new perfumes as well.. One I have used in the past and have always loved called Hanae Mori (blue butterfly). It's really light and perfect for day or night. It reminds me of a sexier "candy" scent... It's hard to explain- but go to sephora and check it out.. I think you'll love..
(notes: Strawberries, Bilberries, Black Currant, Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Sandalwood, Almond, Praline)

I also got Guerlain *Insolence*. It's a scent that I dont own anything similar to and felt it was a good new addition to my perfume collection. It's very summery to me and light. I dont want to say floral and deff not candy... Go check it out at sephora and let me know what you think.
(notes: Spiral Accord, Iris (Orris), Orange Blossom, Rose, Violet, Sandalwood, White Musk, Tonka Bean, Raspberry)
I picked this bright color up from Illamasqua. It's great for this season and Ill do a makeup video and / or pictures of different ways to wear it. An easy way it to line he bottom outer lashes with it and blend towards the center...


Inspiration <3

Along with the blue shadow I picked up this new shadow pencil from Nars to also line my eyes with.. pics to follow :)


From Anastasia I picked up her beauty express for brows and eyes kit. It comes with stencils to make drawing in your brows super easy. It takes a few times to master ( ill do a video on this as well) but everytime I use it my brows look PERFECT.

From Barneys I cam across these false eye lashes by Kreat Beauty . The packaging is amazing... But im sure i'm paying for that in the $16.00 per set.. But anyway- the lashes look really great and I cant wait to try them on. The top set is for the outer edges of your lashes and the bottom set is the full lash line.  I normally use MAC's false eye lashes in #7- they are my favs- but I'm giving these a try. They are a different style anyway...Update to follow.

Thanks again for checking out my blog.I hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know your feedback and if you have any questions :)

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