Monday, 27 February 2012

Our First Wedding Video

It's almost one year since our wedding and I just received a video from our dear friend Fred Kim. He did an amazing job at capturing the love, feelings and emotions of that evening and I wanted to share this video with you. It tells a story and takes you on a journey through our special night.
As the video ends, I wipe my tears and look at my husband and suddenly feel all of the amazing feelings I felt that night; the jitters, the nerves, the butterflies, the excitement, the love.... Im reminded how fast time flies when your having fun with the person you love...
It feels like just yesterday....
I love you Alkimou

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do. 
Welcome to one of the most important days of my life

and type in password- havefaith
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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Quick Flip Book Style Video Of Whats coming From Have Faith Swimgerie!

We recently shot Rachel Bernstein in our swimwear to use for our line sheets. The pictures photographer Volker Fotografie took looked so cute I decided to make a quick Flip Book style video to show what bikinis will be coming soon from Have Faith Swimgerie!!!

To see our current collection including the bikinis that are Featured in Sports Illustrated Magazine this year on Victoria secrets Model Bar Refaeli go to and

Once the new collection debuts it will be released on our new merged site. TBA soon ;)

Hope you enjoy!!

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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Helpful DIY videos

Hey girls. Im sorry I have not blogged as much as I anticipated this trip to Switzerland. Coming straight from LA to Gstaad the 9 hr difference has killed me. With this being said Im up late as my husband is sound asleep next to me and since there is no TV in our room here I have been browsing youtube for some new DIY ideas. I found some really fun and affordable ways to glam up and organize your vanities and some super cool beauty tricks and wanted to share them with you.

This first video is of a girl who has a TON of nail polishes. I definitely don't have as many as her but I love how organized she is. I really want to try to do something like this for my polishes when I get home.

Now some of you may know about this super spakley nail polish I get all the time. Well I found a video of how you can get the nail look that I paid $85.00 without tip for under $10 !!! Watch the video and learn how... Im hooked

I also had done a gradient nail color where it faded from gold to black.. I've included a pictured below. Here is a super easy way to achieve the "ombre" or gradient look at home! Im so excited to try this.

Heres a video (this girl cracks me up) to make your own Nail Polish rack. Super cheap and easy and I just love the idea.

This girl is so creative. Here is a DIY lip stick organizer/holder. To make this even cuter I would paint mine pink and then add a glaze. But what a creative idea.

I have always wondered how makeup artists get all their lipsticks into one palette. This video shows you how to make your own lipstick palette. This I LOVE and will definitely be trying when I get home.

This is so fun and I have 2 frames I picked up at a flea market almost a year ago that I am going to try this with!! A DIY jewelry hanger... enjoy

Being that Ombre everything is so in right now- here is an easy way to make your own Ombre clothing!!

I hope you had fun looking at all these DIY videos and I hope they inspire you to be creative <3
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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Have Faith Swimgerie got in Sports Illustrated Magazine!!!

I am soooo excited. I just found out that 2 bikinis from my swimwear line have made it into the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition!!!! This is every swimwear designers dream to one day have their line published in this very magazine and I accomplished it in a year and a half!!!

Some of you may know that I have a swimwear line called Have Faith Swimwear that I started in August of 2010 with my husband. Then I met a girl ( Lilly Ghalichi ) and we instantly clicked and became great friends. She too had a swimwear line called Swimgerie. We decided that at the end of the day we were both doing the same thing and ultimately had the same goals so why not do it together! The brand is now known as Have Faith Swimgerie <---- smarty pants ;)  . This will be our first year working together and our 2013 collection which will debut at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this coming July will be the first collection we design together!!! Its all very exciting and what an amazing way to start off the new year and new venture; Getting publish in the swimsuit bible- Sports Illustrated!!!!

In the magazine, Sports Illustrated brings back Bar Refaeli- their 2009 cover model and ex girl friend of Leonardo Dicaprio, wearing a Have Faith Swimgerie 'Skin Bikini'. She also is photographed with Olympic swimmer and Gold medalist ; Michael Phelps, wearing Have Faith Swimgerie black bikini with black chain- ( currently backordered ) which was also seen on Miranda Kerr in her first photoshoot after giving birth.

Im so proud, honored and excited and just wanted to share this exciting news with you!!!

To see more of our bikinis please go to and Our new site, will launch this March!!!

To get the Skin Bikini bar is wearing- click here.

Thanks for all your love and support.

Here is Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr rocking the same black chain bikini by us!

Thank you again for checking out my blog and all your support...
Believe in yourself and live YOUR dreams <3
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Monday, 13 February 2012

Whole Foods Run...

Just a quick post of some items I picked up at whole foods since 1. I gave up meat and 2. Im on a diet.
Let me know if you have a fav item from Whole Foods and tell us why you love it so much.. There are so many goodies in that place!

PS. Just arrived in Gstaad, Switzerland! I love blogging while I am here.  Hope to have some new exciting posts up soon :) It's been a minute since I posted some DMP's !!!
I LOVE these. They taste just like chicken but its made out of tofu. I throw them in the microwave for 2 min. So simple and yummy

For on-the-go

Super yummy and healthy. I drink with breakfast

Asparagus. Boil in pot till bright green, drain and then eat!!! Add lemon so extra flavor

Love salsa.. and Oats for breakfast made with water or Almond Milk.

I got the almond milk with Vanilla- taste better to me and still healthy.

Yummy but HAD to add lemon. I hate the taste of fishy fish lol

I LOVE this "bacon". To me it taste amazing. Pop them in the toaster till the edges turn brown. So simple

I had these in greece. Add tunafish on top!

Great alternative to regular pasta. I mix with tunafish and cranberries make tuna pasta ;)

So healthy. Almost like a flaxseed. You can add it to anything, salad, pasta, drinks etc. 

ON the label it seemed healthier than the brown rice pasta but my trainer said that the brown rice pasta is healthier anyway ??!

Didn't try yet but I need things to eat when Im craving more than a sweet potato or to eat with my tunafish salad.

Same as above. add tuna on top or some agave for a healthy treat!

Havent tried these yet but I was craving chocolate . 

Great source of protein

Breakfast and  lunch right there!

I need to commit and just drink this for 2 days straight. Haven't done it yet

My new multi vitamin. Im lacking in energy lately so I picked up this one. The pill is pretty big to swallow though :-/ 

Simple and yummy. I also put this on my face as a face mask.

Some drinks I keep in my fridge

More drinks in my fridge

My husband LOVES Hommus. I found a recipe to make it fresh from home. Excited to try it

My morning and night tea. Get Regular I drink every night. It has a gentle laxative which helps "regulate" your self. Not that I needed it but heard it was good to take. Skin detox I drink every morning ( thanks Marianna ).

Enjoy Ladies and Gents. I look forward to your comments and questions :)
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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Eating Healthy: Swiss Chard & Tilapia

Every Holiday season I gain about 5 lbs because I use the season as a "Holiday" off from my diet.  Now with Summer right round the corner I have gotten back into my healthy eating routine and started cooking at home rather than going out to eat all the time. I recently gave up meat; I think it's been about a month now and I haven't looked back. I still eat fish though so that would make me a Pescatarian. It was a pretty easy transition for me because my husband is a vegetarian. With that being said I have been looking online for interesting HEALTHY recipes and different foods to cook at home to keep meals interesting. I went off to Wholefoods and in the fresh produce section I found fresh Swiss Chard. I remember years ago while watching the Green Network on TV a chef was cooking with chard and it looked really interesting and super healthy, so I decided to give it a try.
To my surprise how I cooked the Chard was so easy and had the most amazing taste, I cannot wait to buy it again! So I wanted to share how I cooked this dish along with one of my favorite easy fish dishes.
*Just so you know, I do not add salt, pepper and rarely use any seasoning on my foods. I tend to stick with lemon, onions, cayenne pepper and my Liquid Amino spray from whole foods only. Simple clean and easy yet still super tasty!

I took pics of all the steps and listed them as best as I could.
I hope you enjoy~

My Red Swiss Chard Recipe
- I bought 1 bundle of red swiss chard
- I Took it home and washed it really well in the sink as there can be some dirt caught in the leaves. (Whole Foods is pretty good at cleaning their fresh produce though)
-Place on a paper towel and pat dry
-On a cutting board with your knife cut out the stalks one at a time
-Wash stalks again and then chop into small pieces (shown in picture below)
-Cut up one red onion and put it in a bowl with the stalks
-Take the leaves , fold them in half and cut into 1" thick slices and then cut in half again creating a "cross"
-Put all the leaves in a bowl and set aside.
-Take a non stick pan and put a swirl of olive oil in.
-Throw in the stalks and onions and cook until the onions become soft
-Then throw in the chopped chard leaves and watch them shrink.
-Once the leaves begin to shrink take your Liquid Amino and spray about 10-15 squirts onto the leaves
-Mix and toss so the flavor gets spread evenly
-Once the leaves are soft and a deep green color they are done.

Place the liquid amino not he table when you serve the Chard so you or your guests can add for more flavor if needed :)

Fish Dish: Tilapia

Now that I don't eat meat anymore I have been eating Tilapia a lot and forgot how much I really love it. It so simple to make and super yummy; NOT fishy tasting. Heres how:

-I buy 6 pieces at a time from Wholefoods.
-Turn on your over to Broil. (Some are in the actual oven and some are on the bottom)
-Take fish out of the package and rinse the fish with water. ( I like to make sure its super clean)
- Line the broiler pan with tin foil and using a knife poke a few "holes" through the foil so the water from the fish can drain int the pan
-Place all of the fish on the foil
-Sprinkle Cayenne pepper on the fish
-Then sprinkle lemon on top and put it in the oven
-Cooking is about 15-20 minutes ( once the edges start to get crispy and brown and/or the fish begins to split )
-Remove the pan from the oven and sprinkle more lemon juice on it and its DONE!!

I forgot to take a picture of what my fish looked like finished so I found a picture that looked close enough. Please note the crispy brown edges :)

Let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy some of my healthy eating ideas.
If you have an easy healthy recipe you would like to share, please email me at and I will feature you and your recipe on my blog :)
Bikini by Have Faith Swimwear / Swimgerie coming summer 2012
photo taken backstage at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in 2011 <3
Cheers to Healthy Eating <3

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