Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A Piece of Me.

I want nothing more in Life than to have the love that my grandparents have in their late 80's and 90's. I still have all 4 of my grandparents; 2 that are in the mid- late 80's and  2 that are both 94 years old. All 4 are still together!

 My life may be unconventional but I am very traditional at heart. I enjoy and cherish the phases in life- ( i.e.- dating, then getting engaged, then getting married, then having a baby...) and so on.

My mother posted a picture of 2 of my grandparents while my grandpa was in the hospital recently. Looking at this picture of them, it brought tears to my eyes. They are both so happy to be together, laughing and smiling at each other and holding hands... I want what they have.
They are still so in love and have been together since they were both so young. I took the photo and added a quote that I really love and keep dear to me. I hope you enjoy <3

My grandparents <3

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Just Added 3 New Sexy Bikinis !!!

Hey girls.

First let me start off by saying that I am so happy and surprised with the amazing comments and feedback on my Makeup Undo video- Thank you girls soooo much <3
I Promise Im going to post everything I used in that video and will edit one much slower so you can see what I actually did.

Off The top of my head:

The eye liner is by Armani
The YLS Lipstick is #7 and #30 mixed
My Eyebrow Pencil is Kevyn Aucoin- Brunette
Concealer is- Kevyn Aucoin "concealer pots" #7 and #8 mixed

As for swimwear. We just launched 3 new sexy bikinis at www.Havefaith.com and I wanted to share.
We recently shot all the new 2012 collection and are in the process of editing the pictures and getting our site revamped- so please don't judge the pictures at the moment :)

Here are the 3 Bikinis we just added and a sneak peak shot from the shoot as well as our Sexy Behind the scenes video coming soon :)


 Me in the Jaded Jasmin in Greece Last summer

This was the last shot we took- Clearly NOT for the website BUT super sexy!!!

Sneak Peak shot from our Video Shoot <3

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

As Promised.. The Full Makeup and Hair DO & UNDO Video

With the great response I got on my first "Make-Up UNDO" video I decided to tape a Full DO and UNDO of everything that goes into getting ready for a night out. I did my makeup, my hair and showed you what I wore out. But the best part is coming home and taking it all of, and I mean ALL OFF..
No one ever shows that and I thought it would be a cool concept, so I did it.
At the end it is just me... and thats what I want to show...
Im human, I have Flaws, I have feelings, I get pimples and my hair is not perfect.
I hope you enjoy this little video, it's just meant to be fun so please don't take it too seriously.

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Sunday, 15 April 2012

My Make-Up UNDO mini Video

Hey Girls.

So, I know I have done a makeup tutorial before along with lots of other girls but I haven't come across anyone who has done a video of themselves taking it all of... as in their makeup LOL.. I thought it would be a cool concept and decided to give it a try. 
Here is my mini video.. Im calling it the "Makeup Undo".. 
I just came home from Dinner on a Saturday night and decided to take it all off in front of the camera. I started with my  fake eyes lashes, then to my lips, then my jewelry, eye makeup, face makeup etc.. Then I take out my ponytail and ALL of my clip in extensions as I do not have any hair extensions in at the moment. At the end its just me... and thats what I wanted to show... Im human, I have feelings, I get pimples and my hair isn't perfect.
I hope you enjoy this mini video, it was funny to make and the music is intense LOL
I look forward to your feedback :)


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Friday, 13 April 2012

50% off ALL Cover-ups !!!

I just wanted to let all you girls know that we just put ALL of our amazing cover ups on SALE for 50% off!!!  What I love about these tunics is that you can wear it to the beach, but also with jeans, leggings, cute shorts out at night and so on. Its definitely a day to night item and perfect for everywhere from Vegas to St. Tropez..

Kendra Wilkinson rocked our water colored tunic to Wet Republic in Las Vegas a few months after giving birth to her son. She still wanted to look sexy but also be a bit covered- the tunic was the perfect choice. See below :)

I also included some pics of me and my girls from my Bachelorette party last year in our Have Faith Tunics.. and swimwear of course :)

visit www.havefaith.com  and use coupon code " 50 off " to get 50% off ALL tunics


Kendra Wilkinson in our water colored tunic at wet Republic in Las Vegas

Kendra Wilkinson in our water colored tunic at wet Republic in Las Vegas

Kendra Wilkinson in our water colored tunic at wet Republic in Las Vegas

Kendra still looks so sexy <3

Here are 2 of my best friends in our beaded tunics <3

Walking to Rehab ALL rocking Have Faith Tunics

All my girls in HAve Faith Swimgerie Bikinis and Tunics <3 Im in Bare Elegance!! Its super bright and fun!!

The tunics were the perfect cover u to walk to and from the pool <3

My Bestie Blair- Lets just say... it was a long day LOL.. But I love the leopard tunic.. We still have a few left in this print!

Peep my Bridal Booty Veil!!!!! I made mine by hand. BUt got so many compliments
I produced it and added it to our website

I Love the diamonds on these tunics <3

Its also getting into Wedding season and for my bachelorette I wore the Have Faith Bridal Package and absolutely LOVED IT!!! I also included some pics of that as well.. Its the perfect gift for a bachelorette party, honey moon and even wedding <3 Comes with a Head piece veil, booty veil that can attach to any bikini and a garter <3

Thanks for all your love and support <3

50% OFF ALL Cover-ups

COUPON CODE-   50off
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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Our Recent Photo Shoot!!!

Hey everyone.

So my hard work has paid off!!
Most of you know I have been using the Isagenix System to help get my booty back in shape. I went from working out 2x a week to working out 5x a week sometimes 2x a day! I starting taking Pilates classes as well as Spin and I truly believe everything together has transformed my body in just 3 weeks.
I do want to credit the Isagenix system because it really did help me jump start my weight loss and loss of inches to help me to see result which in turn made me want to work out harder.

I just wanted to share a few pictures from my recent shoot for Have Faith Swimgerie. Our new site with all the new pictures and the rest of our collection will be launching in 2 weeks!! We are very excited..

To order Isagenix-  Click Here

Swimwear- Have Faith Swimgerie

Make-up- Etienne Ortega

Instagram iphone Shots

Instagram iphoneShots

I cannot wait to see the professional shots of this... 

Lilly is an amazing photog ;)

Instagram pic. Etienne did an amazing job on my Makeup

It was quite the hike down to the beach..
Thank god I brought Uggs


The tattoo says Redemption.. Life doesn't get better than this

Hypnotize Bikini

Shooting with my good friend and first photographer
I EVER shot with when I was 18yrs old.

Have Faith Swimgerie

This location was amazing!

No this was not even remotely comfortable ...
and it was freezing

Makeup By Etienne Ortega

Follow me on Instagram <3

Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until
it becomes a memory.

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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New Swimwear Launch.. Just A Tease !!!

Hey ladies and Gents.
Our swimwear line Have Faith Swimgerie just released 6 NEW bikinis last night. We were holding out this long because we had a new site designed since our merger and wanted it to be a HUGE Launch!! But because we had to push back our photoshoot; which I will be in this time, we decided to just choose 6 to tease everyone for what will be coming. We have 30 bikinis to launch this summer. In 2 weeks we will launch the new site for Have Faith Swimgerie and another 8 bikinis. Then every 2 weeks following we will release a few new bikinis!!! This is our second summer in business and it is so wonderful to see hard work pay off.
So please, check out the site and let me know what you think

Thank you so much for your love and support
Jennifer and Lilly


This bikini previewed at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2012 last year!!! It will also come in Jade green and Gold!

I love this bikini. This also walked the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Miami last year!!!

4 other bikinis that we just released!!!

Here are some pics from my instagram

The Desert Jasmin bikinis in both colors <3

Me in the Cherry Pie

Me in the Nauti- Escape

To see more bikinis go to www.HaveFaith.com
Thanks so much girls xoxoxo

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