Saturday, 30 June 2012

My First BLOG SALE !!!

I have been cleaning out my closet for some time now and finally have some good things to sell.  I was going to put them on Ebay, but I thought I would put it on my blog first to see how it goes and then use ebay as a last resort.

All of my items are 100% authentic.

If you're interested in purchasing an item, email me at Write in the subject area " BLOG SALE", and then the item name. Serious buyers only please.

If you have a question about an item, please leave me a comment at the bottom of this post.

I only accept paypal .
Free shipping for USA Only.
International shipping will depend on location and shipping method of your choice.
All Sales are final. Please know your sizes :)

I have TONS more to post, But lets start with these for now :)
Good luck.

Christian Louboutin Metallic Gold Rolando 120mm Pump
size 37

Brand New, Never worn.  Retail- $745 + tax = $810.00
Asking Price $500.00  OBO
Brand New, Never Worn Pampas Laser cut pump.
Size 37.
Retail-  $1,395.00 + tax = $1517.00
Asking price - $1100.00 OBO  SOLD


Christian Louboutin Maggie 140mm Pump
Lilac and Navy with Gold tip
Worn a few times. Just a little too small for me.
As seen on Beyonce, Victoria Beckham and Kelly Brook
Size 36.5
Retail- $1,095.00 + tax = $1191.00
Asking Price- $850.00 OBO   SOLD

Christian Louboutin Debora Wedge.
Brand new, Never worn. Size 37
Retail price - $595 + tax = $648.00
Asking Price- $300.00 OBO  SOLD

Gucci Strap Cosmetic Case.
Brand NEW, Never worn.
Tan GG Fabric with Pink leather.
Retail- $385 + tax = $419.00
Asking Price- $250.00 OBO  SOLD

Valentino Leather Flower bag.
Taupe color. Used a few times
Retail Price- About $1200.00
Asking Price- $600.00 OBO  SOLD

Christian Louboutin Tres Contente Alta  140mm
Worn a few timessize 37
Retail Price- Around $1800- $2100.00 ( I can't find how much I paid )
Asking Price - $1200.00 OBO  SOLD

Currently Available on for $2070.00
Get it here for half the price !

Herve Leger Sequined Bandage Dress.
NEW, Never worn. Size XS
Retail price $2070.00 + tax =  $2252.00
Asking Price- $800.00 OBO

Michael Kors Wooden platform wedges with cut out back.
Size 7
New Never Worn
Asking Price- $100.00  SOLD

More Items coming soon. Not all of my items are designer and will cost this much. BUT these items cost me a lot and are almost new so I can't make them super cheap. They are still amazing deals :)

If interested email

Questions or comments please leave below.

FYI- "OBO" means  Or Best Offer :)

Thank you
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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

$89 Bikinis!!! 4th of July Super Sale!!!

 Lilly and I get emails almost every day from someone lusting after one of our bikinis, but unable to afford them at the retail price.  Our entire company is based off our goal to offer the highest quality Beverly Hills Bikinis at the lowest price possible.  If you compare our suits to some of our competitors, we have better quality, and at almost a third of the cost.

Have Faith - Swimgerie "Tiki Tribal" Bikini, now on sale for $89!!
Despite that, we do understand that even with our low prices, they are still too high for some girls to afford a bikini.  Well, every once in a while we want to take the cut ourselves and provide our suits at a price we hope will make it easier to afford.

Have Faith - Swimgerie Desire Bikini, now on Sale for $89!!!
Now is that time!!! In honor of 4th of July, we are having a 4th of July Super Sale offering $89 Bikinis on tons of styles.  Even brand new, 2012 styles!!! Here are some of my favorites in the sale, they are ALL only $89!!!

Have Faith - Swimgerie Cherry Pie Monokini, now on Sale for $89!!!

Have Faith - Swimgerie "Hypnotized Bikini", Now on Sale for $89!!!

Have Faith - Swimgerie "Midnight Moon" Monokini, On Sale Now for $89!!

The sale doesn't last long, it started today and will run until Sunday at 5pm (west coast time!). So if you've been lusting after one of our suits, we hope this helps to make your purchase a little bit easier :)

To see all the sale items, visit our website,, and then click the "SALE" tab, or just CLICK HERE to go straight there! The newer suits are at the bottom of the page :)

Jen and Lilly
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Monday, 25 June 2012

This post has been changed.

I would like to make it clear that I did not sign myself  and our company up for this grant and neither did my partner Lilly. A friend did and with good intentions, however I felt weird even posting it and asking for your vote! Its true, I am very blessed and fortunate.  What I posted was true however that we are just a small business with the same odds as everyone else to either make it or not. But I do not NEED this grant and yes there are other companies out there that could use it much more than we could.

To those kind and generous people who understand where we are coming from and voted for us... a big THANK YOU!  And to the  B*tch who left an incredibly nasty anonymous comment...  what you wrote says more about you than the sh*t spewing out of your hateful mouth. I guess you're right... YOU will reap what you sow, and if what you said is any indication of what you deserve.. it won't be good.

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

How I Met My Husband...Our Story

Alki and I in Greece by our Pool.

This is one of my most requested posts and I'm glad I finally got around to writing about it, so here we go.

I would like to begin my story with a few pages from a book ' My Psychic Stories '.  Before Alki went on his business trip to America where he then met me, he saw one of London's Tops Psychics, Jayne Wallace.  He had no idea what he was about to be told and then actually happen.
( FYI- If you're in the UK, in Selfridges near the book area, Jayne has a psychic reading area )

Please know, I am not glamorizing any of what happened above before I met Alki.  The fact is, If there aren't any problems in someones relationship, there is no need for a person to leave their partner. The fact that everything went down the way it did is self explanatory; unfortunate, but meant to be the way it is.

Jayne and I became great friends. And when it came time to get married, I knew I wanted to have her be one of my bridesmaids in my wedding. After all, she did bring us together. Well, Alki's father did, but she delivered the message :)

Where It All Began For Me.

3 years ago in April 2009 I had just gotten out of a pretty bad 3 year relationship ( I'm a relationship type of girl ).  It wasn't an easy breakup and didn't get better after we ended it either, but thats a whole other story.

It was about May, maybe June 2009 and I was downtown in the  Fashion District ( I was living in NY at the time ) shopping for fabric to make some bikinis at home. A good friend of mine who lives between Florida and New York was in town visiting for  a few days and happened to be a few blocks from where I was having a lunch meeting and told me to come by.  So I finished up at the fabric store, got in my car and drove to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel where my friend was having lunch. As I walked in I spotted my friend and this man at the table, my friend saw me and waved me to come over.  I gave my friend a hug and then he introduced me to Alki; "Jen this is Alki, we may be working on a  project together".  There stood Alki, Grown ( as in Grown ass man ), clean shaven, salt and pepper hair, in a grey suit dressed to a T, he stuck out his hand and said with his British Accent ( he is however Greek ) " Hello Jennifer, it's very nice to meet you". I remember exactly how I felt when we shook hands, and as we made eye contact... THE MOMENT we made eye contact and shook hands I KNEW he was THE ONE.  Something inside told me " OMG this is the man I am going to marry" !!! I almost didn't know how to feel. I never had this feeling before.  I mean of course when you have a boyfriend you talk about marriage and having babies , but this was different, this was real.  I suddenly had this war going off in my head saying "Are you F*cking crazy, You just got out of a 3 year relationship and don't even know this guy, don't say things you don't mean". LOL I swear this is what was going on in my head as I sat down to have a quick bite to eat.
I got so nervous, I didn't even have an appetite and I didn't want to eat anything that I would risk getting something stuck in my teeth and not realize it. On top of that, I was in leggings, uggs and a white t-shirt ( I still have the same outfit I wore, I refuse to throw it away ), I had barely any makeup on, just SO NOT the way you want to look when you meet your future husband.

Alki was catching a flight  that night back to London where he was living a the time. He asked for my info to keep in touch, but I was so nervous I gave him only my email address. LOL
He emailed me that evening before he boarded his flight. He said exactly this,  "Things are going to get very complicated very soon".  At the time I had no idea what that meant but it wasn't long before I found out.

Alki and I had kept in touch, and yes I finally gave him my phone number. He would Skype me during the day from his office in London showing me around and putting all of his employees on camera. He was like no one I had ever met. He was funny, charming, smart and a bad ass BOSS!!!!  I would text him pictures of me making the "kissy" face. It was a new facial expression for him and he loved it. He too sent me the "kissy face" pictures which I still have today.

The next week I was working everyday during Market week in NYC modeling shoes. Alki told me he wanted to fly back to NY to see me since I would already be working in the city everyday I could come and meet him when I got out for dinner. I didn't know what to think. We had definitely gotten to know each other a lot better in the 2 weeks since he had been to NY but I never met someone who wanted to go so far out of their way just for ME!  So the following week he came and after work I went over to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and met him in the lobby.  He had reservations all booked at the amazing restaurant at the hotel,so we walked in and were seated at a booth over looking Manhattan.  I don't remember what we were talking about but all of a sudden, in this fine restaurant he started drawing a penis on the table cloth.... and so I turned around and put my favorite sexual "character" on the table clothes as well. We both signed our names under our drawing and walked out. I was dying... I had really met someone as funny, free spirited and even more crazy than me. We just had so much fun together and the way he looked at me, the smile on his face- I knew he loved me.
Always having fun together!! I got him so good here!

2 days later Alki flew back to London.  He wanted to take our relationship to the next level but mentally I just wasn't ready.  After getting out of a bad relationship especially when it didn't end good, it's hard to just jump into another relationship. I was 24, an adult and I just wanted to be free and live my life without having to answer to anyone for a change.  I KNEW I would end up with Alki. I knew we would get married, But I needed to be fair to myself and to him, and at that point in my life I couldn't give him 100% and for me, its all or nothing.
We will be together soon

Since the moment Alki and I met and started "dating" and talking regularly we were both always 100% honest. Its the best way to be, because then you dont have to worry about covering your tracks and you can be and feel completely free.. and quite frankly, at that point I had nothing to lose. I told him exactly how I felt and he understood, but he was relentless. He literally followed me all over the US. If I traveled to Miami, he would meet me there, when I was in NY- even if I couldn't see him or I was busy he would show up at my house anyway... He was pretty much obsessed. He admits it and says how unhealthy it was for him. He literally couldn't work because all he wanted to do was be with me and the fact that he couldn't killed him. I was most definitely playing hard to get, but not to be a bitch but because I needed time to be alone before I got into my last relationship ever! I didn't feel bad, I needed to do what I needed to do.

He got my name tattooed before we were even engaged!!!
We have matching ' Have Faith ' Tattoos on our wrists.

Long story short, we dated, we traveled together , he took me to Greece for the first time, showed me "his" Island, I met his kids and could totally see my life with him forever.  4 months since we met,  about Late September I remember giving Alki a call. He was in London at that time. I told him exactly this... " I think I'm ready to take our relationship to the next level. I took the summer and did what I needed to do and my mind and head are completely clear and Im ready to give you 100%".  SILENCE..... Nothing but SILENCE... Finally he said " OK, I agree, Ill come to see you tomorrow Im booking my flight now".  I couldn't wait to see him.

The next day he landed in NY. He asked me to come get him but he landed in the middle of NYC Rush hour traffic and I decided to call him a car service instead ( such a bitch ).  He arrived at my house pretty late. He said hello to my family ( which he had already met a few times ) before they went to bed and then him and I watched some TV together while he ate. We then walked upstairs to my old bedroom/ guest room ( I had 2  bedrooms) where I grew up in and where we would spend the night; all of my dolls were still in the cabinets. We shut off all the lights, got into bed and shortly after Alki placed a box on my stomach.   My stomach dropped, I think I went numb and I was short of breath. I sat up immediately and asked "What is this !" I wouldn't even touch the box. In the back of my mind I knew what it was, Alki is crazy like that and after only 4 months of knowing each other I knew he was crazy enough to do something like this. When he knows what he wants, he gets it!  He said "open it", but I couldn't. He pulled out a flashlight,  shined it on the box and opened  it. There , in the tiny red box was an ENORMOUS DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RING!!! The biggest I had ever seen in my life. I couldn't believe my eyes. Alki had asked me a few months ago what style ring I liked and all I said was " Round ", not thinking anything especially after 4 months!!!  He did this ALL ON HIS OWN, and he did SO GOOD!!! Back to the story... As the flashlight hit the diamond ring in my pitch black bedroom, it made all kinds of shapes of light reflecting all over my walls and ceiling. He then started telling me exactly how he felt since the moment he met me, how he had never felt this way and how things had NEVER felt so right. With the diamond ring still in the box, and my jaw still on the floor I was in shock. He didn't actually come out and say "Will you marry me" so I wasn't really sure what I was suppose to do. He then told me to put it on, so I did, and it fit perfect!  The only thing I remember myself saying was " Oh My God, Oh My God ".
My ring

My Ring

I don't remember how the rest of the evening went but I do remember waking up and double checking my ring finger to see if this had actually happened. It was real, this had happened and I was engaged !!! The next morning when I told my mom Alki had proposed, she wasn't entirely shocked because she knew how much Alki loved me and knew how I felt about him, but when she saw the ring she couldn't believe her eyes... No one could. The only problem was that not many of my friends or family had actually met alki. Some of my closest friends knew about an him, and my mom, step dad and brother  had actually met him a few times, but when my mom and I made phone calls to our family the first things out of their mouthes was " She's engaged... to WHO ?"  LOL . It was sort of awkward but a time to celebrate. That afternoon we met my father for lunch, it was the first time my dad had actually met Alki in person, but he knew all about him from my mom and I!
 The news spread like wild fire around my town that I was engaged to a "Billionaire" and that my ring cost "more than a Lamborghini ". It was pretty funny.
We had a long engagement and married almost 2 years later in May 2011.

We were actually engaged here lol

Dress Fitting at Kleinfelds

Dress Fitting at Kleinfelds

We quickly went back to Greece to celebrate, then to London then back to NY. I packed my things and in October 2009 we moved to California.  We didn't have a home yet so we stayed at the L'Ermitage in Beverly Hills for 2 months while we shopped for our dream house. We finally found it, and in December 2009 we moved in, right before Christmas. Along with the excitement of moving into a DREAM House, Alki also surprised me with my DREAM CAR- a brand new 2010 Convertible Bentley GTC SPEED !!!! My life was and still is, my Dream!!!
My Bentley GTC Speed

Our Home

Still to this day Alki opens all doors for me and treats me like a princess.  We have the best relationship I have ever had, and he has ever had!! We continue to make communication a key component in our relationship. If something bothers us, or we are feeling a certain way, we talk about it.  We never keep secrets- unless its to plan a surprise party for the other, and we always make alone time a priority. My favorite thing to do is to be just Alki and I. I look forward to the evenings and weekends where we get to be alone and do whatever, even if it's nothing at all.
Relaxing in Greece

I Love him so much

A relationship is without a doubt hard work. But if the person is worth it, you enjoy putting in your all for the relationship.
Hands always on my goodies. At least he loves them ;)

Alki is my best friend, my soul mate... He  is my everything. Our relationship may not be conventional but there is no book of rules on LOVE. We LOVE each other more than anything, and respect each other completely. To me, he is the most handsome, kind, caring person I know. He is willing to help anyone, he's smart, charming, sometimes crazy and has the most addicting laugh I have ever heard. He is also sloppy, forgetful, stubborn at times, but when you love someone, you love ALL of them, good bad, ugly and sad.
He adores me , and I adore him <3

I love him when he farts, when he burps, and when he stinks up the bathroom. I love him when he forgets to get me a card for my birthday, and christmas and valentines day and our 1 year anniversary LOL. I love him when he snores, steals all of the blankets while we sleep, and when he leaves a trail of clothing in the bedroom to the bathroom and repeatedly walks over it without picking anything up. I love him when he messes up my clean kitchen, leaves banana peels on the counter when the garbage is right there and when he yells "where are my keys" EVERY SINGLE MORNING without fail! I think about him every second, of every minute of every day. I get so excited when I hear his car pull through the gate that I run down the stairs like a little kid to meet him at the door!!!

Beach in Dubai

He loves my butt too :)

Most people see our relationship from the outside looking in. I get how people can judge us and assume certain things. But 3 years later ( in LA thats like 15 years LOL) we are still going strong and have no end in sight. I see us growing old together like all of my grandparents are. I always said " I want a Notebook movie kind of love".  Im very traditional at heart, and when I said "till death do us part" I meant it.
On our 1 year anniversary . I love you baby

Alki, I Love you without knowing how, or when or from where. I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride; so I love you because I know no other way.


For those of you who have not seen our Wedding Video <------ click here !
I give a lot of credit for my life, the way I am, and the things I have in my life to the book
 'The Secret'. Its more about the way of thinking and the law that you can dream or think whatever it is you want into existence . Ask and you shall receive .

ps. For all of you who believe in psychics, Jayne truly is one of the best. My first reading with her was done over the phone since she is in the UK. She has clients all over the world. If you've been thinking of getting a reading done, give her a call. She hit the nail right on the head with me, and this was before we even met.
Let her know I sent you... She will change your life, give you hope and I know you will love her.

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