Monday, 17 September 2012

Where to begin ?!?!?!?

No makeup- just mascara.. Notice my much smaller lips ?!?!?

It's been a long time since I have posted. I was in Greece for 3 weeks with my husband as most of you know and then as soon as we arrived back home we have been non stop with work.

My husband recently launched a new station- channel 64 in the LA area called KILM- Filmon (formally KHIZ) . There are a ton of really cool talk shows with amazing hosts - Marianna Hewitt, Raylene Bartolocci, Natalie Nunn, Xixi Yang, Kato Kaelin, Andy Dick, Janice Dickinson and many more. Whats cool about his channel is that it is completely interactive. During the shows they take callers, you can vote online, even cam up and broadcast on which airs at night. I am so proud of him for doing what he loves and giving some of my dear friends the opportunity to get on TV and live their dreams.

Along with the TV channel, Lilly and I have been swamped in the office with orders. Our swimmer line has had an amazing year and I can proudly say our  merger has been a massive success. We are getting ready to go into our "down" season which gives us time to redesign our website, concentrate on 2013 collections and just have some time for ourselves.

I was so excited to get to Greece and be able to cycle the 17mile island 3 times a week at least, however, it was so damn hot I wasn't able to do any type of exercise for the 3 weeks I was there. Thank god I ate clean and healthy- the food there is so amazingly fresh. When I got home I was jet lagged for a good week and a half and so I finally got into the gym last week for the first time in about a month. It's been some time since I posted my workout routine and diet- and since it changes often I will do an updated post soon, I know many of you have been asking and waiting.

I have been feeling a little down lately; depressed even. Yes, a lot of exciting things are going on but my mind and thinking haven't been the most positive. Out of nowhere I received an email from a girl telling me that she started reading the book the secret and how she is following its teachings; thinking positively and manifesting the things she wants in life. I wrote her back thanking her for the email, that it had reminded  me how powerful positive thinking can be and how one negative thought can multiply into many negative thoughts causing stress in ones life. Since that email, I have started thinking positively again and getting my mind back to how it use to be. It's easy to fall off and forget sometimes, and even those who preach to others need a little uplifting every once in a while.
So to Teryn and Yana - Thank you.

I don't know if you know this or not but in January of this year I gave up eating meat. Its been a good 8 months since and I haven't looked back; I still eat fish so I would be considered a Pescatarian. I noticed since giving up meat I became very tired and lazy which is so not me, so last week I went to the Dr's to give blood to test all of my levels, to see what blood type I am because I want to look into Blood Type Diet, and they also ran an allergy test to see if I am allergic to any foods and so on. I can't wait to get my results back and see whats going on in my body.  I also went to Whole foods and picked up a bunch of vitamins; my last multi vitamin was iron free = pointless for me lol. Ill update once I get the results in and explain more about the Blood Type Diet. I hope it doesn't say my body is suppose to eat meat... Yuck!

I think that's about it for now. Ive had my hair and makeup done for a few events by the wonderful and talented Etienne Ortega and I cannot wait to film a tutorial with him. Below are some of the looks we have done together.  I also included a short workout video that my trainer Lauren Kern and I recorded a while ago.  We plan on filming a lot more but it's hard to film around people in the gym.
Any questions please leave a comment :)

Thanks again for checking out my blog, sorry its been so long. I needed a mental break- people can be so mean.


This video is " one round" of exercises I do with Lauren in 1 hour. Depending on how fast I move we will do about 2-3 rounds of exercises which consist of 3-5 different workouts,  3 times each, 15 - 25 reps. I hope that makes sense.  More videos and diet info coming soon.

Recent Random Pics
Lilly Ghalichi and I on Marianna Hewitt's show on !
Watch live on channel 64 in the LA area.

Our House. Fashion Show Party  <3

My Girls. Rachel Bernstein, Mariana Hewitt and Raylene Bartolocci

How cool is the all white dance floor. #beverlyhills #houseparty

I can't wait to tell you whats been going on!!!!!


Lilly Ghalichi and I, we had to have  Izakaya  !!!

Fashion Night out ! My House

Most of my family is this tall... or short. LOL I got my moms genes here! My Aunt Patty <3

Mini Fashion show

The boys Etienne Ortega and Brandin Palestino

Jennifer Stano

Rachel Bernstein and I in my Kitchen

Patiently waiting

How this worked... I have no idea. #filming
Some pictures from my Instagram ------> @JenniferStano

Jennifer Stano, makeup by Etienne Ortega

Updated closet tour coming soon.

No makeup- just mascara.. Notice my much smaller lips ?!?!?

Jennifer Stano

Whole Foods run. Some vitamins I'm taking

Makeup and hair by Etienne Ortega. 

Fashion Night out with my B*tches.
Lilly Ghalichi, Brandin Palestino, Jennifer Stano, Bianca

Fashion Show at my house, Katherine, Jennifer Stano, Mariana Hewitt, Rachel Bernstein

Friends, Robert Ri'chard, Manooshah, Jennifer Stano

My most popular pic on Instagram lol. Hair and makeup by Etienne Ortega

My House.

Work and play. Jennifer Stano #chanel #louboutin

My House. Bun loving

Dinner at Koi. Katherine, Gretchen Rossi , Jennifer Stano

Shopping at Intermix, 2 new dresses.

Filming something exciting!!!!!!!! #bentely #crew #filming

I will always support my friends, Dirty Couture and Cute Booty Wear, My cute Booty. #filming #myhouse
Peep my husbands closet behind me LOL

#Swag Dirty Couture

Wondered how ?!? Now you know. Makeup by Etienne Ortega

 $$ Celine Gold chain sunglasses. $$ Black n Gold

The beautiful Leyla Milani and I . #filming

He completes me.

My little girl smile <3

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