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My fav Tanning and Sunless Tanning products and places!

YIPPEE!! It's almost summer.. I love warm weather- hence why I live in California and I also LOVE the sun. But as you all know the SUN is not all that good for you, or your skin anyway. During the summer I'm a sun goddess. I love love love laying out and relaxing - slapping on all kinds of oils and concoctions. But during the winter I tend to stay out of the tanning beds since moving to California, and have turned to sunless tanning. I noticed my good friend and model for Have Faith Rachel Bernstein always used it before her shoots and it looked amazing. Not to mention 100x better for you than laying in those tanning beds- which dont get me wrong- I do use from time to time. But here I'm going to list some of MY favs and those products that worked well for me.

About a year ago I started using a company called Chocolate Sun here in California. I had the owner and girl who does the spray tanning; Kim, come to my house to test it out. Since then I'v been addicted and have always used her before special events and photoshoots. What I really liked about their products were that they were all natural and their packaging is all recycled materials! Their formula is sugar based and won't stain any clothes or sheets. The color it leaves your skin is amazing..  It's custom of course so Kimmy will mix however dark I tell her too.
Here is what is in their tanning solution:

Unfortunately their actual locations are only in CA at this time- BUT they do sell their products over the internet.. I use their sunless tanning lotion in dark for upkeep on my spray tan and I also LOVE their chocolate candle.. AMAZING!! LOL If your ever in the LA area make sure to go check them out. For a full body it's only $55.00 and lasts a good week. I normally get mine done at night around 8pm, throw on sweats and go to bed to get the best color; I hate walking around all sticky. Then in the am ill shower and I'm done.

For all my New Yorkers-- When I lived in NY I would get spray tanned at Beach Bum tanning salon in Mamaroneck or Yonkers.
Sometimes I would just jump in the Mystic spray tan booth- which is an automatic spray tan machine that works by pressing a button. The only problem with that is you have to be really good at applying this repellant cream on your hands,feet,wrists, in between your toes...the list goes on. There is an instructional video- and once you get it down it's super easy and convenient- but I'v seen alot of "F-ups" on people who used that machine. It also only has 3 shades to choose from. Choose the wrong shade and you could look like an orange.
Beach Bum also offers personal airbrushing which is GREAT!! I think it costs about $40.00 and it's just like Chocolate sun. You get to choose a mixture of colors to achieve the best result and someone also spray the solution on you- which is normally much more even than the mystic. They normally have a bunch of coupon codes on the internet and I believe your first airbrush session is half price!!! Check it out :)

Also on the West Coast is a tanning salon I use mainly for their beds called Portofino of Beverly Hills. OMG this tanning salon is a clothing boutique, facial spa, tanning salon and airbrushing all in 1... I go to tan and end up shopping and picking up some of the cutest clothes and jewelry.. LOVE THAT! When I am in the mood to tan in a bed, I use their bed called Master Sun 360:

I also love their sunless tanning. They have over 255 different color combos as well as different scents- so you don't leave smelling like spray tan. They can even spray on a six pack for you or add shimmer!

Products I use to tan- Indoors and Outdoors:
Indoor Tanning- 
For my body I use Luminary by Designer Skin. I LOVE this lotion because it has 25 bronzers in it as well as a Silicone Emulsion so the lotion feels silky smooth and is extremely moisturizing. When I come out of the bed I look super tan and feel super soft. LOVE

For my body I also use Australian Gold Crystal Xii. This lotion has only 12 bronzers in it but it has  21 vital nutrients and moisturizers.

For my  face I use Hempz Black Label Facial Bronzer.  I like the color it makes my face and it doesn't break me out. It also has all kinds of antioxidants and is really moisturizing!

If my face is a little red- I'll you Dr lancers Vitamin C antioxidant sunscreen. This still allows you to get color on your face but will not let you burn. It's also not greasy or sticky!

Outdoor tanning:

Can't go wrong with Hawaiian Tropic. The smell alone reminds me of the summer at Jones beach. I normally use just straight up oil- but they do come with some SPF like this one shown.

LOVE Bain de Soleil. It smalls amazing and I love the shine it makes on your skin. The orange gelee is the way to go but the line is a great line period.

When I need an SPF for my body I like to use banana boat. I have Olive skin so if I need SPF I must be frying. I'll probably use anywhere from 8-15 spf and always waterproof. If it's going on.. It needs to stay on

Sunless Tanning Lotions-
 Fake Bake- I used this a while ago and I remember it giving my a really nice color
OMG!!! SALON BRONZE!!This tanning system I havent seen in forever. I remember I used to use this ALL THE TIME and all of my friends who I introduced to it fell in love with it as well. I'm actually going to order it now that I see they still sell it. I think its was like $10-$15 bucks. I only used it on my face and I applied it with a makeup sponge. It would dry so matte and even in color that I would put makeup on top and go to work. It wasnt sticky or smelly- you deff have to try this!

SUN- Another good company with great products!!
Yes.. I bought this tanning lotion from Sephora when it first came out... I had to try it. And I actually like the color.  It's more like a glee/ gel than a lotion.. I like the consistency.

What I do to prepare for a sunless tan:
I always shower first and EXFOLIATE my entire body.
I like to use Bliss  'Soap n scrub'. It is a soap and scrub in 1. And it has an amazing minty smell that makes your skin tingley and feeling super clean and fresh. I use it along with a loofa.

I also like to exfoliate my lips with "the lip scrub" by sara happ and get any dead skin off of them and from around them.

I will also shave my entire body so I get a more even tan. I like to use Gillette fusion razors for men. Super smooth shave- I love it!

For my face I exfoliate with Dr.Lancer 'Polish'. It has a minty smell as well and is made by the best dermatologist in Beverly Hills.

DO NOT put on any lotions or oils, bring dark loose clothes with you if your going somewhere to get sprayed. I tend to go at night so that I can sleep a full 8 hrs and let the color really develop; I apply my sunless tanning lotions at night as well. If your applying yourself- either use latex gloves or make sure to wash your hands really well after but also very carefully so you dont wash too much off of your arms and make yourself all blotchy. In the a.m. wash with a light shower gel. Soap will exfoliate the color off too fast. I like to use Bath and Body Works shower gels (don't use a loofa or exfoliant) . After you get out make sure to keep moisturized to help the color last longer. Sometimes they even have tan extenders like Chocolate Sun has. If your tanning your face- make sure to blend the product into your hair line-( for blondes be careful- not sure if the color will stain your hair or not). Also blend under chin, jaw and neck- then blend excess into shoulders and chest for an all around even color.

Hope you enjoyed this blog on Tanning. If you have any favs- please share with us. And if you do try anything I recommended- I'd love to hear your feedback :)


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