Tuesday, 23 November 2010

My Finds Of The Week

'My finds of the week' posts will be about items Ive found that I feel are a super good price or a new hot item; "must haves". Also great deals, sales, discount codes, etc.

While on a short visit to my home town New York I decided to do alittle shopping while staying in the city. Around the holidays you never know what kind of deals you are going to find. Although I didnt find a great big sale or discounted deal, I did find a few things I thought were "SUPER CUTE" for a pretty good price.

Prada flats $295 at saks 5th ave

One of my favorite items I found this weekend were ** Patent Prada Flats** in both nude and black.   I found these at Saks 5th ave and they are priced at $295.00 which I thought was a steal compared to my Chanel flats at almost $500.00.   Im not such a "flats" kinda girl, but these I just couldn't resist.

A Hot nail polish that just came out and is all over the runways is Chanel's new Cote D'Azur Collection. It's their 2011 cruise collection and the color is to die for. I haven't gotten my hands on it yet but I'm on the hunt for it. Just letting you know it's a hot new color called RIVA !!!

( my computer isnt letting me add images ?!?!? so im going to end this post here and try again later. A blog with no pics is no fun! )


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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

** Daily Mirror Pic **

First Daily Mirror pic

Here Im wearing

Jeans- AG jeans. Bought at Saks about 2-3 months ago.  Waist isnt super low but not a high rise either. Fits a little small as Im normally a size 25 in all jeans but in these I'm a 26?!

Shirt- Plain white tank by James Perse.  I love wearing a white tank like this with a cream colored lacy bra underneath. I think its sexy when you can see a little bit of the lace through the arm holes :)

Jacket- Jamison. "JAMISON Tristan Military Jacket". I have 2; one tan and one navy. The tan I got at saks, and the navy I found on 
Singer22.com which was like half the price. I got it about 3 weeks ago.

Heels- YSL Tribtoo

Bag- Gucci- got on sale( 50% off ) at a Gucci store around the holidays last xmas.

Let me know what else you would like to know for "mirror" pics. xx- Jennifer

( I moved it to a blog because the "pages" don't allow comments  :)
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Monday, 15 November 2010

Lets Talk HAIR: Extensions

Lets talk Hair !!! Hair to me is like an accessory. Even when your make-up isn't done or you're dressed like a bum- as long as your hair is nicely blow dried you'll always look fabulous.

I LOVE long hair. When I was in 5th grade my hair was down to my bum. In 7th grade I wanted "a change" and I decided to chop it all off; it was a trend in the 90's I guess and it definitely wasn't for me. I feel most attractive and feminine with long hair. Unfortunately it always seems like once my hair grows and hits the center of my chest it starts to look thin and unhealthy, so I end up getting a trim. It's like a revolving door; grow, trim, grow, trim and it never gets past that length. SO, I decided to get hair extensions.

Hair Extension Tracks
When I was 18 yrs old and working at the local Night Clubs as a door girl I would always put in "tracks" for the weekend.  Tracks are hair extensions that are attached by a seam that you can measure and cut to fit your head (pictured to the right).  They sell a glue that you put on the seam of the extension, make a horizontal part on your head and glue the track to your scalp. The glue is safe for all types of hair and whats awesome about it is that it comes out with conditioner in the shower. So I would put them ( 3 tracks ) in on a friday night and then take them out on sunday. I would also mix all kinds of colored strands in as well to match my outfits for that night; pink, white, black... The pack of hair cost about $60 for 18" hair and my favorite glue is called 007; probably $5 at most.  My favorite brands of hair are Outre and Premium Now.  The color hair I used was shade # 2.  They sell this hair in most beauty supply shops. Some people also get this kind of hair sewn in which lasts about 1.5 months TOPS. I've also had that done a few times and loved it.

Another kind of hair extension I used to wear was Jessica Simpsons clip in hair extensions called 'HairDo'.  These are great for a night out, event or party; but after the night is over you have to take them out.  They clip in under the top layer of your hair and to blend all you have to do is curl the top layer of your natural hair. They come in all shades, lengths, curly and straight, real and synthetic. Price varied on length and type of hair you choose.

Keratin Hair extensions "bonded"

 I currently have and LOVE bonded extensions.

Bonded Extensions are individual pieces of hair that have to be placed in one by one. It's a very long process but worth the wait. These extension last a good 3-6 months but they are a lot more expensive than the tracks and clip in extensions.

When on the East coast I go PLUSH Salons in White Plains. The girl who does my hair extensions there is Kristy. When on the West coast I go to Byron&Tracey salon in Beverly Hills and Melissa and Raz do my extensions there at the same time.  I used to use 18" hair but now I use 21" pieces because by the time I get angles and add layers the hair is about 2" shorter; and I want it long :)

Bonded hair extensions
What I LOVE about having hair extensions is not only does it make your hair look so much thicker and healthier, but when you curl your hair, the hair extensions hold the curl so much better than normal hair. Normally if I were to curl my hair without having extensions in it would fall limp in about an hour. With hair extensions in the mix it lasts all day!

Lately when I go to the salon Ive been having my colorists ( West coast -Tracey ) do what I call the "California Look" to my hair. Its when the top of your hair is darker and as you go down to the ends of your hair it gets lighter or "faded". It's very "beachy" and I love the look for summer.  So the last time I went to get my hair dyed and get new hair extensions put in they did very little highlights to my actual hair and used 3 different shades of hair extensions to create the "faded" look to the ends of my hair. This was 10x healthier than having to drench my hair in bleach to lighten it.

Now that it is becoming winter I am going to go a little bit darker. I still want to keep the "California Look" look but I'll just do it in darker shades. Im going to go and get new extensions and fresh color later this week so I will take pics from start to finish so you can see the difference and the process <3

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Monday, 8 November 2010

Lets Talk Make-up

Im obsessed with makeup. I may not always wear it, but I love having it.

I love walking into sephora and not knowing what I need but looking at all the new fun products and trying them out. I dont wear foundation and Im obsessed with eyes. I think its one of the most powerful things on a humans body. It can tell you so much without saying a single word. Therefore I like to accentuate them as much as I can.

I decided to make a video showing you from start ( no make-up ) to finish what I do and the products I use. I also made a list of the products names,make and # in case you missed it in the video.

Thanks again for checking out my blog.
xoxo Jennifer

p.s The nail polish I'm wearing in the video is from Ricky NYC beauty supply- Mattese- neon power pink N15  :)

"These are a few of my Favorite things"

smashbox-( camera ready foundation ) medium m1, light l3-l4
smashbox-( camera ready concealer stick) 4.0
Make up Forever- ( Full cover) 10

TOO Faced: Chocolate Soleil
Guerlan -Terracotta light- 02 brunettes

Lorac- Pink
Lorac- peach
smashbox- Blush Rush- Chiffon
YSL- touche blush 11

smashbox- O-GLOW

Nars- medium 3 barcelona
Tarte- SPF8- honey 12

MAC- Bare Study
Benefit- r.s.v.p
Anastasia- cooling eye brightener

(grouped how I wear them)

Swiss Chocolate-(crease)
Grand Entrance-(under brow)

Honey Lust-(entire eye)
Mythology-(under brow)

Sweet Lust-(base)
Crystal Avalanche-(under Brow)

Mac- blacktrack
smashbox- jet set- black

Stila- kajal eye liner- onyx
Tokidoki- glitter eyeliner- melodia
Sephora- flashy liner waterproof- flashy blue 08
Tarina Tarantino- eye dream hyperliner- kanzashi
Tokidoki- glitter eyeliner- crayon yeux- liberty

MAC- strip down
smashbox- the nude lip pencil- medium

Mac- Angel
Mac-Viva Glam Gaga
Mac- Blankety
Nars-belle de jour- velvet matte lip pencil
Nars- Honolulu Honey
Lorac- lipstick- Long Kiss
smashbox- photo finish- Charming
Tom Ford- rouge a levres

Korres- light pink- 11
smashbox- infinite
smashbox- true color- pink sparkle?
Nars- turkish delight
Benefit- didn't hear it from me
YSL- gloss pur- 2
Tarina Tarantino- ruffle
smashbox- baby pout

Tarte- charmed

Mac- browning

Shu uemura

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Friday, 5 November 2010

Plastic Surgery- My Journey

So here is a topic I think intrigues many. Whether you have had plastic surgery, want plastic surgery, or are just curious; I believe many at least would like to know about it.
So here's my story:
Growing up I was always super skinny. All the other girls developed before me and I was made fun of for being flat chested. I remember as if it was yesterday. I was in the 7th grade sitting at the lunch table with all my girlfriends and this boy Mike who was a grade above me, came up to our table, tapped me on the shoulder and said, "my friend wanted me to tell you, you're as flat as an ironing board", and walked away. Back then, I wasn't as confrontational as I would be now if something like that happened. I never said two words to the kid, and was just sitting there minding my business, and out of no where there he came. It hurt ... it hurt so bad. I played it off as if I was fine, as to not be any more embarrassed than I already was. I remember saying to my girls, "I'm not that flat ... am I really that flat?!" They looked at one another, then said no ... which of course was a lie because quite frankly, I was flat!
Anyway, some time before the age of 11, I remember being at an amusement park with my grandparents. I was standing on line to go on a water slide and I saw a woman with her daughter. I remember looking at this lady who had absolutely no boobs and thinking, "OMG when I'm older I hope I don't look like that!" Don't ask me why, maybe it was in my genes to want big boobs, lol. And even before that at 6-ish, I remember playing dress up and always stuffing our outfits and using socks to make big boobs. Mine always looked so perfect and symmetrical, my friends' were always lop-sided and different sizes. Who knew later on in life I would be stuffing my bras in high school for real and getting away with it!
The point is, did I get a boob job because of always being made fun of and developing and insecurity about it, or is it in your genes to want to look a certain way? Was all of this a good thing? Did it humble me or hurt me mentally?
I set my mind in junior high that I wanted implants when I was older. At 14, I got my first job at a popular jean store in NY called Havana Jeans. Since then I saved money to put towards a boob job. My family taught me that if you want something in life, you need to work for it, and to always save your money for a rainy day. Finally, when I was 18, I started looking for DRs in my area. I have a rule of 3: always see 3 different doctors, companies, or whatever before making a decision.
October 10th, 2003 - I went under the knife and got my FIRST set of implants. I saved up my entire life and handing over a check never felt so good. I started off a 32AA and went with a 320cc saline implant which brought me to a small C. Many say, when you are considering getting implants, always go a little bit bigger than you think you want, because mentally, once the swelling goes down you'll be disappointed that your boobs are not as big as they were right out of surgery. Its the truth! I was so upset about the size and to top it off, my family thought the same thing but didn't want to say anything to me about it. Not only was I unhappy with the size but I also developed a common complication called Symmastia.

"Symmastia is usually a result of over-dissection of the tissues in the cleavage area. This over-dissection is sometimes done intentionally in hopes of creating or increasing cleavage - other times, its unintentional. Symmastia is commonly referred to as 'breadloafing', or 'kissing implants', or 'uniboob'. With this condition, the implants actually meet in the middle of the chest, giving the appearance of one breast, instead of two."
Mine weren't as bad as the picture but it basically shows what happened. Needless to say, I needed to get them redone.

So five months later, in March 2004, I went and got my boobs redone because of complications with the first. I also increased the size of my implant to from 320cc to a 400cc saline smooth implant placed under the muscle, which made me a true 32C (my back is tiny). My cleavage was fixed (for the moment), my boobs were bigger and I was happy.

I lived with those boobs for almost 6 years and finally at the age of 24, I decided I wanted to switch to silicone and go bigger. The ones I had dropped a lot, also known as "bottoming out" (pictured below). I like high implants. I wanted people to question, "are they real or are they fake?" I didn't want to look too natural.

In August 2009, I used a reconstructive doctor located in San Diego, CA (Dr. Paul Chasan). He took one look and knew exactly what needed to be done. I decided to use the silicone adhesive gel implant, and went from a 400cc implant to 550cc!!! A lot had to go down in the surgery. Stitches were placed internally, below my implants to lift them back to place. Stitches were also placed in the center of my cleavage, to sew the skin and muscle back down to the breast bone, since it wasn't completely sewn down from my second reconstructive surgery in 2004. AT LAST, I was so proud to say I was a 32DD. My boobs were almost in my neck and I was loving it!

When I did my boobs for a 3rd time I decided to simultaneously get the tip of my nose refined. Growing up I had a perfect nose, and then I lost my baby fat and all of a sudden my nose (to me) looked big. I'm Italian so I had a "round tip" and I wanted a more delicate feminine look, so while I was under I did that too.

Fortunately, they didn't have to touch the bone. All they had to do was take away some cartilage around the tip and thin it out. So recovery was not bad at all. Dr. Paul Chasan did an amazing job, and I was super happy with the outcome.

Things didn't stop there though.

A few months after my 3rd breast augmentation my cleavage started to pop up again. Dr. Chasen had warned that this may happen, as my back and ribs are very narrow. There is only so much room to stick two large implants on a small body, without them migrating towards the center and ripping the stitches. But being thick-headed I wanted to go big, so he did it, and hoped for the best.

I realized having 32DD boobs wasn't that great.

I couldn't go to stores and buy 32DD bras. I had to order them, which was annoying, and luxury intimate apparel stores had a limited selection in that size. I went for a check up with Dr. Chasen for my nose and breasts. When he saw my breasts he was really upset. Since in the back of his mind he knew this would happen.  Fortunately Dr. Chasen found a new technique that would solve my problem (my cleavage never staying down) and was ready to preform it.

Shortly after I was booked in with Dr. Chasen for reconstructive surgery (my 4th breast augmentation). He told me I must go smaller because my body can not carry 550cc silicone implants. He brought me down to 500cc implant, performed his new technique on my cleavage and all was fixed! YIPPEEEEE!!!!! SUCCESS AT LAST! I'm now a 32D and couldn't be happier. Its been almost a year since my 4th reconstructive breast augmentation and the cleavage has stayed down, my breast have stayed up and they are the perfect size for me!

Me NOW.. after my 4th surgery. Perfection

As for my lips:

Ive been getting lip injections for years now. I naturally have pretty big lips but I wanted them poutier. I admit, there were times that I have gone over board. I haven't had injections in the last year and I'm liking how things are looking. It can become addictive, but I've grabbed a hold of myself because I think it can age you really fast. I get Juvederm in the outer edges of my upper lip and two spots in my lower to make it very pouty. It's said to last about 6- 12  months.

After all is said and done, I have to say it was a long journey but it was all worth it. I'm for the most part happy, and at the end of the day, that's all that matters.

Before the Lip Injections and Before the Nose Refinement
Here at age 18.

I think for now this is pretty good.

Before I had anything done I would search the web for girls who looked pretty to me and that possibly had work done. I would email them on MySpace back then, to find out what they had done and who they used, but they never responded.  It bothered me so much- I never understood WHY they were so secretive and didnt want to help out someone else in need.  I wish they would've, SO because of it I wanted to share what I could and not be that "secretive" "Iv had nothing done- IM natural" person . If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I'll do my best to answer them.

My husband taught me, "to keep what you have, you give it away." I get it.

I hope you enjoyed this entry, and hope to hear from you soon!

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Monday, 1 November 2010

Lets Talk Shopping !!!

Heyy girlies- and the few gents who check for "good" pics ;)

Im going to try to update daily.. Im still trying to figure out how this works and get it to work from my phone.. My second post will be about SHOPPING!!!!

As you may or may not know- I am the owner and designer of Have Faith Swimwear- I look after my fiance Alki and my 5 dogs and try to run a business. Im a big believer in " if you want it done right; do it yourself" so needless to say I dont spend everyday shopping at the malls or on Rodeo Drive.  I do however browse my FAV online shopping sites a few times a week for new clothes and outfit ideas.

One of my binges is shoes. Im OBSESSED with Christian Louboutin and I'm one of their VIP's here in Beverly Hills.... am I bragging ?!?!? Stop me if I am- I by no means want to brag- just share the life that Im living bc for me; I still feel like im living a dream....  So anyway- bags and shoes I will not buy online UNLESS i know the designer and own a similar pair and know how it will fit.

FAV Online Shopping site(s):

Singer22.com - What I Love about singer22 is that they have these FAB look book pics that start right when you log on that show you all the cutest newest clothes that came in. ** SOLD** LOL... Then it has an option to browse by celeb what they were seen in and what brand it was and they sell it right there on their site. Some of their prices are kinda pricey but others are not so much- and they have great sales as well..

Im deff a girl who mixes up my wardrobe. I still shop in Forever21 and for you east coasters * Joyce Leslie* for the occasional good find. Shoes and bags im pretty strict about bc to me that is what can make or break an outfit. Your shirt can cost $12 bucks and your jeans $50- But if your rocking amazing shoes- all of a sudden your "Glamorous" and worth a MILLION BUCKS !!!  So save up and invest in an amazing pair of heels- YSL I think is a great pump to start with- and in either nude or black bc it goes with everything!!!

** For instance ** In the pic to the left my dress is from FOREVER 21 !!! But bc I have on a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes I bet NO ONE would have ever guessed that :)

I just ordered these (right) from www.saks.com - YSL  and they haven't come yet :(

The Tribtoo is my Fav style pump from YSL.  Below im wearing them in tan- which my LOVELY dog Armani got ahold of a chewed my heel! UGHHHHHHH I could have killed him.. LOL- j/k at least he has good taste

For the Record- MY gucci bag in my pic I got on SALE last christmas for 50% off around Christmas time. It was originally around $1500.00 and I swear I got it for less than $800.00 ** STEAL** !!! Around the holidays is always a great time to check out some of the up scale boutiques bc they are always trying to clear out extra inventory or last seasons item!!!

Ok, so I think for my second post- this is a good start. I'll wait to hear some feedback and more ideas on what you would like me to write about. Tomorrow Ill try to post some of the things I like to eat during the day that help me keep in shape and ide like to post a Daily Mirror pic and list what im wearing.. Interested ?!?!?

Good night everyone
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