Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I'm Getting Married! My wedding Inspirations

It's finally here! My wedding is days away and I thought this was a perfect time to share some of my inspiration for all the lovely ladies planning weddings.

I am getting married in NY because this is where I was born and raised; all my friends and family are here- well most anyway. Im very traditional when it came to my planning,wants and needs for this special day. I wanted it to feel very royal *big cheese* :)

The Bridesmaids 
The color I chose for my bridesmaids to wear is a deep purple. I actually chose a champagne color first but after switching my venue destination to outdoors I decided it was too "muddy" and wanted something more cheerful

This is SIMILAR to what my girls are wearing- very simple, flowy, grecian like.

The Venue
The Wedding will be held at Oheka Castle in Long Island NY. It is a huge gated manor that is also used as a hotel when not occupied by weddings or events. (Read about Oheka's history and story here) It has about 32 rooms- very private. Your able to rent out the entire place when you have an event there like we did so all your guest can stay the night- and then you dont have random people you dont know walking around LOL. Joe Jonas, Joey Fatone and many other celebs have also held events at Oheka.

My fiancee Alki is greek- and LOVES gardens. I had originally wanted to get married at St. Patricks Cathedral in NYC and then have the reception at a NY Hotel. But the hotels felt very busy and you have to walk past shops inside the hotel to get to the ballrooms; it felt very impersonal. I absolutely LOVED the Plaza in NYC- the ballroom was AMAZING- but to get to it didnt feel right. Since we had so many guests coming in from out of town we didnt want everyone to shlep all over the place for ceremony to party, so we decided we needed to do the ceremony and reception all at the same place. A friend recommended Oheka Castle; we went to see it and fell in love. The garden is amazing- the property is amazing period! The ballroom was just what we wanted and it just felt right. Plus Alki was happy because it reminded him of Greece with the beautiful gardens and property.

Oheka is truly a breath taking and worth going to see if your planning a wedding or event.


I got my wedding dress at Kleinfelds. It was an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone on any budget. Obviously since my wedding didnt take place yet I wont be showing my actual dress!!! But when I was looking at dresses these were some that I thought were really pretty!!!

I wasnt sure which way I wanted to go as far as dresses the only thing I did know was that I didnt want WHITE. I wanted either Ivory or cream, or off-white; white white looks cheap to me.
 I loved the ballroom style dress but the slim fitting "mermaid" style dress showed off my curves but felt so elegant. I tried on both styles and loved both. You'll have to wait a few more days to see what I chose. The dress I did go with happened to be the first dress I tried on at Kleinfelds and is by Pnina Tornai.

The Flowers
I couldnt make up my mind which way I wanted to go as far as flowers. So I decided to do 2 separate looks. Out side is going to be very bright and beautiful to go with the girls dresses. Purples, fuschias, green accents, very whimsical- like it has grown and been there for years. 
This is what we are doing outside.

For inside I wanted the colors much softer. I wanted the feel to be angelic and majestic all at the same time. I went with soft pinks, peaches, ivory, lavendars and greens.

Inside is similar to the colors in this photo. Not a bland but you get the feeling of it :)

The Invitation
Here is what our invitation looked like. We also sent out save the dates. Ill include a pic of that as well.
The invitation matched our reception colors. I will include a Vendors list of who we used after the wedding is over :) 
We put a quote at the top of our invitation that reads-
" When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone
You want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible"

Some may say cheesy- but your know what- weddings are meant to be sappy and lovey dovey.

erased some info on the invite 
Makeup Inspiration
My good friend Victor Henao is a makeup artist and will be doing my makeup for my wedding. He has worked with me for Have Faith Swimwear's photoshoots and is just amazing. For my wedding I want my makeup to be how I wear it when I go out. I still want to look like me you know; Smokey eyes, bronzed face, nude lips, long batty eye lashes- the whole nine.  Here are some pics for inspiration-

I normally use Mac false lashes ( #7 ) but I think I want something more dramatic for my wedding. I will however have all my bridesmaids wearing the MAC #7's as part of their look!

Hair Styles
As for hair. All I know is I want most of it to be down. Im thinking half up half down bc I need some place to put my veil. I also have a metal head band that needs to be worked in. Here are some pics I chose as inspiration for hair styles..

I want all of my hair curled like this, and then only some pulled back :)
The Rings
Alki and I bought eachother rings. One of our favorite jewelers is David Yurman and both get eachother amazing pieces from there. David is just so unique and we love his style- so I got my ring for Alki from there. I wanted Alki to have bling on his finger and thought the ring below fit the part. I also had the inside engraved with the title of our first dance song as well as the date of our wedding.
For me Alki chose a traditional Eternity band- which I am in love with. 
(David Yurman is known for his rope detail that is used on every piece he designs.. Just an FYI )
My Wedding band

Alki's Wedding Band
All other details I will leave for after the wedding. Song choices, vendors list, my actual dress, shoes, garter, lingerie choice ;)  , picture of the CAKE!!! etc. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and a follow up to come shortly :)

Wish me luck

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