Sunday, 19 June 2011

Links to some of your FAV Daily Mirror Pic items

I am so excited for the amount of feedback I had on the last daily mirror pics post; thank you so much for the love, support and questions.  I just wanted to do a follow up of some of those items that are available online and include the links for them.
I also want to tell you about some of the new items I bought but haven't worn yet. Im really into Rompers and maxi dresses and I'm trying to find a great jumpsuit. I have a few rompers Im dieing to wear and fit amazing.. enjoy  <3


1. Grey off the shoulder sweater- BTW I bought this in a size LARGE so I can wear it off the shoulder.

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2. Coral "large arm hole" t shirt. I bought in a size small. ( jeans by hollister )

3. My FAV black belt- I bought in xs or small.. cant remember

7. Ivory Lace Diane von Furstenberg dress. - ( I wore to my wedding rehearsal dinner )

Here are some new items not yet worn <3

If you have something you LOVE please share it with me in the comments <3

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