Sunday, 16 October 2011

Daily Mirror Pics- FINALLY!!!!!!!

Its been about a month since I last updated my blog.  You may or may not know but my husband and I are opening a Boutique/ Studio in Beverly Hills called 9021Go ( and I have been so busy doing the buying for the boutique that I havent had time to work on my blog! The store will open in November and we will have a HUGE red carpet launch party- in which any locals are more than welcome to come!! Will post separately on some of the great new products we have coming in...

Here are a bunch of Daily Mirror Pics.. YAY!!!!. Leave me a comment of what you like and want to know where it is from and I will of course comment back. Make sure to check the comments to see my response.

Amazing bracelets I found for the store!
Jilly, Audrie and I rock them everyday. All my girls friends LOVE them!
My personal collection ;)  We will also be selling the displays in the store as well. So cute right!
These shorts are by LNA and I just got them in for 9021Go ! LOVE

Love this jacket from Intermix. Leggings by LNA


Dinner party. Dress by Zac Posen from Intermix... of course!

Fav outfit! LNA leggings, black button down shirt with tan waist belt by YSL and then a Black fur vest on top.
Vest by Yves Salomon from Intermix

BTW- my beautiful blowout cost me $35 from the dry bar here in CA! If your in NY my girl Kristy from PLush salons
just opened a dry bar.. Call PLush salons fro the location!!! Best thing EVER!!!

Shopping in Dubai. Dress by Versace.. <3

I rock these boots all the time. Grey boots by YSL from Intermix. LOVE and sooo comfy.
Fur vests are my thing this winter... Another Yves Salomon vest. Phone from kitson. All the rage here in CA

These jeans from INtermix by Rag and bone are amazing. They are "legging" jeans. Most comfortable pair ever!

I got rushed out late on a sunday- threw on some red lipstick and went.. outfit is soso..

Jacket which you cant see but is to die for is D Squared- AMAZING!!!!

Down town working with Jilly. we were so hungry the taco truck was amazing!

I cut my hair.. I told my stylist Tomas from Byron and Tracey salon that I wanted something fun and flirty. He gave me
really short layers and I love them!!!!

soo how short!! so cute though

Shirt by Equipment from Intermix. Boots by Valentino

I couldn't decide between the 2. So I went with black as pictured above. Both from Valentino.

Red lipstick I purchased while in London

Another from London

How cute are the earings!!! My girl Lilly had them first and I fell in Love.

OK me with red lipstick. Id normally look like a clown but I took out the juvederm in my upper lip so it's much smaller now!!! I will post before and after pics of my lips in a different blog. Such a  difference though

Love this tank

HOW AMAZING are these jeans. I blogged about them while I was away but how cute are they on. Jeans with leather attached.. So cute

I told you I would find them. Isabel Marant boots.. IN LOVE. 

How cute... Ugh In love

These jeans also from Intermix by Mother.. Love the carpenter feel to them

My fav YSP boots and my fav Rag and Bone legging jeans. Mesh shirt from Intermix.. I sound so lame-- But I really only shop there LOL

Jacket by Iro from Intermix and Divine boutique has it too

This shirt is really LIME green- idk what happened in the pic.. 

My fur collection!!! 
My twin <3 Lilly and I . How amazing is she

Dress is so cute- from intermix- I got it in white and black- its that cute and easy!

Lazy sunday for breakfast. Scarf from 9021Go boutique ;)

Ponchos are really big this season too.. Super cute


I have one to give away on my blog along with my purchases from Greece which just arrived!!!

Hello Im Jennifer Stano reporting LOVE from the 9021Go boutique in Beverly Hills... LOL no sweat!

Of course I ended it with a kiss... 
Ok ladies and gents. Thank you so much for checking back. I hope I wont go this long again without updating. Leave me a comment with your questions and comments and Ill reply.

xoxo Jennifer

OHHH one last thing.

I started cooking alot to keep my husband and I in shape this winter. My FAVORITE recipe Ive been doing that is super easy is 
Sweet Potatoes with Chocolate Protein powder and 1 scoop of peanut butter mixed in!!
Also a green salad with fruit and fat free raspberry dressing .

Heres how you make it.
Wash and Peel 2 sweet potatoes. Then cut them up in to small pieces as shown above.
Put cut sweet potatoes into a pot - once water is boiling keep cook for 10 minutes or until soft.
Drain potatoes and then put them back into the pot and mash together; they should be soft and  be very easy
to mash.

Now pour in some milk.. I use rice but soy, almond or regular would be good too. Stir together so that the potatoes absorb most of the milk and are easier to stir.
Now mix in 2 scoops of chocolate protein powder. I mix 2 scoops bc there are 2 sweet potatoes. 1 for each potato. Stir together and add more milk if it gets too thick.
( I know this looks nasty LOL but it tastes like candy). Put sweet potato into a bowl. I add milk around my potatoes and leave it. The presentation is more fun LOL. On top I add 1 scoop of organic peanut butter and serve. 


I cut up fresh fruit and mix it in. and the raspberry dressing is amazing!!!

I put everything on top bc once you mix it the fruit goes to the bottom and ruins the presentation!

I even mix in some dried strawberries for texture!!!

And dinner is served.. Enjoy and let me know how yours comes out!!!

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