Wednesday, 2 November 2011

VERSACE for H&M !!!!!

So.. Yet again another top luxury clothing brand has made its way to the masses. VERSACE has put out a collection for H&M and it will be available IN STORES ONLY starting November 19th.... Like in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!And it's for both Men and Woman might I add.. I may be really late on this announcement but none the less Im sharing in with you incase you too didn't already know.  I have mixed feelings about all these luxury brands working with "main stream" stores.. Don't get me wrong;  I LOVE IT and HELLS YES I will be camping out and on line with my girl Lilly- wearing sweats, sneakers and my hair thrown back- black friday style LOL... but I will probably be way more hesitant to go into a Versace store (anytime soon anyway) and spend a crazy amount on a dress...Right?!?!?!?

Anyway- the Versace collection for H&M looks AMAZING.. They have pieces ranging from $17 for mens undies to $299 for a studded dress. It's expensive for H&M yes I agree.. BUT wayyyy less for Versace. I'm so curious to see the quality. There are so many CUTE dresses I see that I want and accessories.. Leather belts- YES PLEASE!!! Keep in mind girls that if they dresses and so on doesn't fit perfect- It's so worth it to take to a tailor and have them make it fit just right! Thats my plan.

I predict this to be like a missoni for Target episode- although H&M is smarter and will only have the collection available in stores- probably so their entire site doesn't crash like Targets did. LOL.... NOT FUNNY; I didn't get 1 damn thing from Missoni for target. UGHhh! BUT I can only imagine what the store is going to look like that morning... Ill be prepared this time.

Take a look at the collection and set an alarm on your calendars for November 19th!!!!

Here are some of my Favorites!!

Pics of the entire collection for H&M here

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