Wednesday, 30 March 2011

DIY :Create a super cute off the shoulder shirt

Hey girls.. So I bought this shirt that I thought was so cute- but I HATED the neck line on it. So I decided to get it anyway and alter it myself- turning it into a super cute off the shoulder T-shirt.. It's so easy. You can turn any shirt that your not crazy about into a sexy off the shoulder shirt.
Here is what I did :)
 Here is what the T-shirt looked like when I bought it. A boring neck line that just did nothing for me.
 All I did was take a pair of scissors and cut around the neck line first in the front ( grey bottom piece) .

Then I cut in half the back piece so it still had some structure to the neck line (2nd down)

Then I tried it on and thought it could use just a TINY bit more off the front (3rd down)
 And WALLLAAAA!!!! HOW CUTE is it now.. and SOOOO simple
It's so much cuter now.. I'm obsessed :)
 And you wouldn't even know I cut it up myself :)
Soo cute and great for summer. You know how I lOVE my off the shoulder shirts :)
This is why I got the shirt. How sick is the back!

Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tip... Make sure to go through your closets and take those shirts, and even sweat shirts you never wear and make them super cute for summer. I cant wait to see and hear about what you transformed :)
More posts coming this week :)

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