Monday, 2 January 2012

My New Years Eve Make up !

I Hope everyone had an amazing New Years !!!
If you didn't see my New Years Eve blog here is the link

So as promised here is everything I used that night from start to finish.
Let me know if you have any questions :)


New Year Eve Make Up!!!

Foundation- Make Up Forever HD Foundation- # 153

 Concealer- Kevyn Aucoin- sensual skin enhancer in #07 and #08.
I applied this under my eyes blending it down into my cheek bones and towards my temples. I also applied it around my nose because I tend to get red there.

 Setting Powder-  Laura Mercier, Translucent powder.
Apply with a sponge/ puff. Dip puff in the powder and them rub in the palm of your hand to spread the powder and dilute it off the puff and then pat on T zone ( forehead, nice, upper lip, chin and Lightly under eyes).

Brow Highlighter and Brows- I used High brown by Benefit under my arch, and on top. Before blending the pencil I took my angled brush and applied my bars brow powder to fill in my brows. Then I took a concealer brush and blended the highlighter pencil.

My eye brow shade.

Eye Shadow Base- Make Up Forever- Aqua Cream- shade 18
Apply this all over the eye from lid to under brow.

 Eye Shadow- I used 3 different shades by Urban Decay
1. Vapor
2. Psychedelic Sister
3. Gunmetal
 I first applied the Vapor ( white) from my life to under my brow. Then in my crease I used the Purple concentrating on the outer corners and blending inwards. Then on the outer corners only I applied the Gunmetal to the outer crease and dragged it a tiny bit in on my outer lid. Then I took the Vapor and applied it again to the inner corners of my eyes and added a tiny bit to my bottom lid not he inner corners.

 Eye Liner- I used MAC black track and Smash bow angled brush. I start in the inner corners and work my way out flaring up the end corners to create a cat eye look.

 Mascara- I used Hourglass Film Noir mascara first and then Dior Show Iconic after that on my TOP LIDS ONLY! ( we will apply to the bottom after we do out cheeks).

 Cheeks- I first applied Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer "high lighter" on my cheek bones. I put 1 small squirt on my fingers and rubbed them together and then using 3 fingers on each cheek tapped all along the cheek bone.

 Bronzer- Then I used Benefit Hoola bronzer. I like this bronzer because its very matte. I concentrated under my cheek bones to create a more chiseled look. Don't forget to apply on our neck and chest.

 Blush- I first applied MAC Pink swoon powder blush to my cheek bones and the apples of my cheeks.

 Blush 2- Then I applied Make Up Forever Powder blush sculpting blush in #2 to the apples only.

 Blush 3- Last I applied Nars ' New Order' sparkle blush on my cheeks ( apples and cheek bones) blending up to my temples.

 Cheek Highlighter- Lastly I apply this highlighter to my cheek bones ONLY, the tip of my nose and right above my eye brows. A little bit goes a long way.

 Lips- I lined my lips with Make Up Forever #44. Then I applied MAC creme cup lipstick and lastly Chanel glow #148 !

cremecup listick

Added the Chanel Lip gloss
 Lashes- I used 2 pairs from MAC. Mac lashes are my absolute favorite! I sued #7 and #36.

Don't forget to apply mascara to your bottom lashes and then Waahlaaa- Your done.


Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to your comments.

Happy New Year !!!


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