Friday, 16 March 2012

Day 3 & 4 of my Isagenix cleanse !!

I just completed my 3rd and 4th day on my Isagenix cleanse. I started at 114lbs and I did get down to 110.4lbs yesterday but then went out for dinner ( oops ) and even though I ate very little, the scale this morning says 111.6lbs. STILL- 3lbs less in 4 days and Im only trying to lose about 5-7lbs tops so it was ok for me.

Day 3 
I woke up and made my juice cleanse.
9am-I mixed a handful of ice cubes with 8oz of water, added my 2 scoops of cleanse for life ( I got the power form instead of the juice form because the juice needs to be refrigerated) and then I put it all in my magic bullet blender and drank right out of the cup. Isagenix also sells a great blender so if you need one I recommend one of the 2 for sure; they are so easy! Also took my accelerator pill

Isagenix Snacks

11am- I set my alarm to remind me to eat a snack 2 hours later. I try my best to stay on schedule. I also drank 1 bottle of water

1pm- Juice number 2.  

130pm- I had 2 of the IsaDelight plus chocolates that Isagenix says you can have 30 min before your Isagenix snacks- so I took this opportunity to indulge lol.
-- The IsaDelights are  filled with amino acids and can help curb your cravings. They come in both dark and milk chocolate.

2pm- I had 2 isagenix snacks and a full bottle of water.

4pm- 3rd Juice and took an accelerator pill

530pm- 2 more IsaDelights Chocolates

6pm- 2 snacks and a full glass of water

8pm- 4th and last juice for the day!

Its important to keep yourself busy. After this juice day I went back to Isagenix and ordered a bunch of their approved snacks for the shake day. Im not gonna lie, I so badly wanted to eat on the juice day, I got hungry quite a few times during the day and was so tempted. I read just now that you can have a few small slices of apple or pear- which would have helped a lot. The only thing that motivated me ws actually seeing a difference.

Here are my measurements on day 3:

Height- 5'6"
Weight- 111.2lbs

Neck- 11.7"
Upper Arm (L)- 9.2"
Upper Arm (R)-9.2"
Bust- 31"
Diaphragm (Rib Cage)- 25.5"
Waist- 23.5"
Abdomen- 30.5"
Buttocks- 34.5"
Upper Thigh (L)- 18.5"
Upper Thigh (R)- 18.5"
Calf (L&R)- 12.5"
Upper Knee (L&R)- 13.5"
Total inches- 264.5
Inches lost since start- 7.8"

Heres what I started with

Day 3
Im super happy with the results I'm seeing so far. Even my skin is looking better. I still have 6 days left on my actual cleanse because the first 2 shake days were only prep days. But even still, in those first 2 shake days I saw a difference and lost weight.

Day 4-
So day 3 was good for me, I stayed home, I painted, I worked in my office ran to the post office... nothing strenuous. Well, day 4 I had planned on seeing my trainer. I was feeling good, looking good and excited to get into the gym. BIG MISTAKE! I was trying to lift and squat and do all the normal exercises I do every week, but I just had no energy. My ears kept getting clogged, my legs were shaking.. I normally for 3 sets per exercise and after the first round I was pretty much giving up. I should have just went and did a bunch of cardio. I told my trainer Lauren Kern that I think Im going to end my session early today; she couldn't even believe it. Instead of quitting she lowered all my weights and made me finish. Im happy I did but I just wanted to say how I felt working out hard on my cleanse day because someone had asked me for my opinion.

After the gym I had to run some errands and got pretty tied up. By the time I got home I was starving so I cheated and ate 1 tofu chicken patty.. It was my own fault for doing to much and not staying on schedule.  Anway, 30 minuted after that I picked back up with my juice and carried on.... Until my husband came home and wanted to go for dinner... Which I did. I had 4 pieces of salmon sashimi and some brown rice. But I still have 6 days left and am doing so good already so I allowed myself to go, but I wasn't happy about it...

Day 5- Back to business 

Today I'm back on to my shake day and Im super excited. This is something I see myself doing even when Im not cleansing hardcore. I really enjoy the shakes and believe its detoxing my body and helping me lose weight. I got my husband to finally try the shakes and he couldn't believe how good it was. He told me he felt really "clean" and energized and the shake filled him up enough that he didn't want or need to eat anything else; and for my husband thats a really good sign.
I did have a training session booked for today but I decided to cancel and try Pilates for the first time with my friend Paula. Im hoping it will be a lot easier than lifting was yesterday.
Its currently 830am here in california and I am going to drink a glass of water now and then at 9am have my first shake!!!
Im super excited because today my 2nd order from Isagenix should arrive. I went back and ordered a bunch more of their products which Ill list below. I should have just got the presidents pak and split it with my husband, then we would have had all the goodies and saved money. Note for next time!

For those of you who are just reading this and contemplating ordering this product, make sure that you sign up so you can purchase at wholesale prices. Signing up means that if you tell your friends and they want the product too, you give them your link that is automatically made with your name after you sign up, and then you make money off of their order. And if they sign up as well , they can purchase at wholesale prices, tell their friends and make money too. 
Just because you sign up does not mean you have to get autoship. You pay either $29 or $39 for the year and thats it. If you want products shipped automatically every month then select autoship and save an extra 10%, but if you don't there is that option as well. Wholesale prices are about $100 less than retail, and you have the ability just by sharing your success story to others, to turn it into a business. We can all be on a team together helping each other out.
Isagenix does not spend money on advertising, that is why they are not sold in stores. It has grown the way it has strictly because of word of mouth. And because it doesn't advertise it spends more money on making its products phenomenal.  Its a win win situation. I do not blog about anything that I do not personally believe in. I do not get paid and I am not endorsed by any of these products- I am sharing them and my story and experience because I believe in this product and want you to look and feel your best well; plain and simple.

Heres how to Purchase

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

 I clicked the one with the arrow. I did not want auto ship because I ordered so much to start out with. The associate account lets you have a website that looks just like mine with your name and everything. By clicking sign up and save you automatically join my team.

If you have any questions you can email me at or call / email my cousin Jeanine at  631-624-1322

I joined my cousins team and she works with Isagenix full time and can answer any questions you have about this product. Jeanine and I have also been doing conference calls with girls and Jeanines friend Lisa who also works with Isagenix.

We hope to hear from you soon.
Have Faith Swimgerie photoshoot with my babies.

If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

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