Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Meet my BBFFLAAF Blair

So you're probably wondering what BBFFLAAF stands for. Well, back when Blair and I were in Elementary school we decided that we both had other "best friends" but we wanted a title for each other that meant a little bit more than just best, SO we came up with

'Bestest Best Friend For Life Always And Forever'
Blair and I have been Best Friends since we were 2 years old, making us best friends for 25 years already. We met in Nursery school and attended the same schools all the way through high school. 
Blair also happens to be 1 day older than me. Her birthday is February 16th and mine is February 17th.
We always had joint birthday parties and still did even at 21 !!!
We are so alike, yet so different; I truly consider her like a sister.
In 2009 I moved with my now husband from NY to CA leaving all of my family and friends behind. It was really hard for both Blair and I to not be together. Just the simple things like going to Taco Bell at 1am together, or our trips to Harmons Beauty Supply, dying each others hair and just bullshitting in bed together ... Not being able to just jump in my car and drive 2 minutes to her house was really hard.  But, we have managed to not let the distance come between us. I travel to NY often to visit my family and friends, and she tries to come visit me in California 2-3x a year.
This past week she came to CA to visit me. When we are together we always act like "fools". We are REALLY silly together. The time and distance has 0 effect on our friendship, and we are very lucky for that.  SO, we decided to make a fun little video of us at my pool. It really shows our silly side, a side that not many get to see, or probably even though I had. We had such a fun time jumping and diving into my pool, but MAN, its definitely NOT like when we were 10 years old. My back was KILLING me the next day LOL.. ahhhh! Anyway, I hope you enjoy my little video

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