Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Vintage Me- Videos!!!

WOW!! I was just going through youtube and found some old cute videos of work I had done when I was Modeling and Acting... YEARS AGO!
I had booked a commercial / music video for Axe Body Spray when the term and body spray
"Boom Chicka Wah Wah" 
came about. They flew us to Prague where we filmed in an Old Castle for a week, it was an amazing experience. My character was called "Adriana" aka " Chicka". I played a spoiled rich bitch - ( ironic LOL ) who's daddy funded our music group. We danced, we sang and I had the time of my life. It's so much fun to look back 5 years ago and see what I was doing, how I looked and how much I have grown up. I loved taking the subway in NYC, going to castings and booking jobs. It was a lot of fun!
So here is the video as well as the cute behind the scenes video from Axe Body Spray, I hope you enjoy.

I had also booked a music video with the artist Eamon. You will probably remember him best from his hit song "F*ck It"!!  The video I appeared in is called "How Could You.. Bring Him Home". The song is about a guy ( eamon )who comes home to find his girlfriend ( me ) cheating on him. I had the time of my life filming this video. I never wanted to be a "music video girl" but I loved the charter I got to play here... I loved acting, the emotion and everything that went into it.  Eamon is a really talented artist and has a naturally amazing voice. Im honored to have gotten the chance to work with him and his team.
Side note: I think I was about 21 years old here... My how time flies.

Click this Link to watch the Video- How Could You Bring Him Home

Below is a little bit about Eamon as well as a few behind the scenes clips of us on set and a mini interview from yours truly :)

 I have been working on an updated DMP blog, but I knew this would be a quick easy post so Im posting this first.


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