Thursday, 20 December 2012

Workout Video #3 with my Trainer Lauren Kern

This was the best shot of the whole video!! Chanel sneakers LOL. xx
Hey guys and gals
I hope everyone is having a great Holiday season so far. I have an up to date Baby post coming soon but I thought I would share our 3rd workout video of 10 just in time for the holidays. Like I said, you can do these exercises anytime, anywhere! I hope you find them easy and enjoyable yet effective. 

** I happened to have filmed this at my house when I was 1 month pregnant but had no idea, I literally found out the next day that I was expecting :)

Check back next week for Workout video #4 of 10 for more easy exercises that can be done at home , on vacation OR in a gym.


Be sure to check out my trainer Lauren Kern's website and blog at for product and diet tips.

Workout clothes from Equinox Gym
Shoes by Chanel


If you missed me on Secrets Of A Trophy  Wife last week, you can now download it on iTunes for $2.99 :)


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