Thursday, 17 January 2013

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a little late at announcing it on my blog but yes, we just found out we are having a beautiful baby BOY and I am, SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!

At first it came as a shock to us because as you may remember at 12 weeks I posted a picture on my Instagram saying the Dr's "THINK" its a girl. Well, it's for sure a boy. His wee wee couldn't be more obvious, I was actually a little embarrassed LOL... joking.

We are naming the baby Nikola Alkiviades David. I actually can't decided if on his birth certificate I want it to say Nikolas or Nikola. We are naming the baby after my father, which is tradition in Italian and Greek cultures and probably many more- to be named after the baby's grandfather. Alki already has 2 sons and his first born was named after his father, so our baby together will be named after mine, and I LOVE his name thank god LOL... His middle name is obviously named after my husband- Alki ;) which neither of his boys have so its special to me and Im sure for him. His nick name will be Niko or Niky (Nicky).

The day Alki and I found out I went right to the store all on my own as Alki had to work and I was too excited to just sit at home, and I bought him a nice selection of baby clothes. Of course the girls have a way better selection of cute little dresses, and I am naturally attracted to anything PINK, but I was so surprised to see all the cute little boy outfits.... I just went nuts. Thank god theres cute clothes that are not just Red, Blue and yellow. No, I do not want my baby walking around looking like the primary color wheel... YUCK!!! I like neutrals, and soft baby colors, nothing bright and cartoon like.
This shirt is by a company called No Added Sugar.
They have a ton of really cute clothes!

Ill post his wardrobe so far in my next post along with my nursery inspiration ideas. If you know of any great stores in London to buy baby clothes ,, furniture and so on please let me know. Other than Harrods, and John Lewis Im clueless.
My Beautiful baby Niko
Look at his bicep :) LOL awwww
He's trying to suck his thumb or pick his nose .. such a boy <3

xoxoxo Jennifer

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