Monday, 11 February 2013

Supporting My Friends !!!

I have so many amazing friends doing so many amazing things I just wanted to take the time to share them with you.

My good friend Christie is a teacher for a New York school with 24 fifth graders. Through donors,  Anyone is  able to give back to these children and help their school and learning experience be a great one.
I wanted to share with you Christie's technology and book project  for her students and hope that you would help her complete her projects to give these children in school computers and books to both learn and play with.

From Christie:
"Do you remember how awesome it was to use a computer in elementary school?

My students attend a public school in New York. The class is made up of 24 fifth graders who truly enjoy learning. They are enthusiastic about learning new things and working together to help one another comprehend and achieve to their highest potential.
My Project: I am requesting two MacBook Air laptops for our classroom. These two laptops will change the course of the school year and allow my students to use these fantastic resources of technology to expand their learning. They will be able to use the laptops in small groups to research, as well as type their edited pieces of writing to publish them.
These laptops will be used daily to enhance my teaching and my students' learning. I will be able to use these two laptops for many years to come as well. These two computers will be used by over 100 children who will benefit tremendously from them."

I just supported Mrs. L's classroom project: Laptops For Our Classroom! If you chip in to help her classroom reach its goal, we'll see the impact through photos, thank-you notes, and a cost report showing how every penny was spent.

Mrs. Luciano is using, an online charity that makes it easy to help classrooms in need.

To help Mrs. L reach her goal for her 5th grade classroom please click the link below.

And right now they have a 1 for 1 offer going on. For every dollar you donate they will match it  up to $500 !
Wish I had known that when I made my donation, but how amazing!!!
Enter match code - HEART to get the 1 for 1 deal !!!

My beautiful Cousin Jennifer Giannitti - The Jewelry Designer.

My cousin Jennifer started a jewelry company where she hand makes all of her pieces. During the summer I wore a beautiful handmade piece from her made of glass beads and real shells (pictured below). Her pieces are unique, 1 of a kind and definitely stand out, and her packaging is super cute. If you're like me and love and appreciate a beautiful handmade piece, you will love and adore her line. Check out her Facebook fan page below, her website is coming soon :)

Visit her Facebook Page here-

My Gorgeous best friend and business partner for Have Faith Swimgerie- Lilly Ghalichi 

My beautiful friend Lilly Ghalichi is doing it big, and as I like to say- "Go big or go home" !
Not only do we own, design and operate a swimwear line together called Have Faith Swimgerie but now Lilly has started her own business called Lilly Lashes- a luxury lash line with prices everyone can afford.

"It’s well known that Bravo Reality Star Lilly Ghalichi is obsessed with anything and everything GLAM. Her cast mates have dubbed her “ The Persian Barbie ”, and Lilly brings her #GhalichiGLAM home to millions of viewers each week via her hit reality show, The Shahs of Sunset.
While filming for Shahs, Lilly found herself disappointed with the selection of false eyelashes. The synthetic lashes were too cheap and fake looking, and the human hair lashes were either not glamorous enough, or simply unaffordable.
Lilly decided to create her own line of eyelashes made of all human hair that she could use to create the ultra glam eye looks she craved, while still keeping it natural looking. Today, Lilly Lashes can be seen on some of Hollywood’s hottest starlets, and the best part is, they’re affordable for the everyday starlet too.
If you’re a GLAM-aholic you came to the right place. Go ahead, indulge in a few pairs of Lilly Lashes and welcome to the #GhalichiGLAM experience."

Loved a look you saw of Lilly? Well on her website she has pictures posted of her out and about and lists exactly which Lilly Lash she is wearing!!!

To me, I always trust a company who's owners actually use and wear their own product!

Check out Lilly Lashes today and get familiar with the #GhalichiGlam experience

My Good Friend Joey Lasalla aka Joey Fitness for 

I have to support my East Coast family. Joey and I go way back- back about 10 years to my modeling days in NYC. He's always been into fitness hence the name and recently started a watch company called Juiced!  The watches are all super cute, durable, and interchangeable and not to mention a GREAT price. 
They are for both men and woman, and I particularly like the watches because they are BIG! I love big watches. I ordered myself the grey and baby blue ( for baby niko :) and I cannot wait to receive them!
They come in a variety of styles and colors and are gaining popularity FAST!
So I wanted to share his company with you and hope you'll love them and pass it on to your friends.
Instagram page: @juicedwatches
The owner and my good friend @Joeyfitness

And Last but not least - Jilly and I started a 
Baby Blanket & Accessory line!!!

Some of you may know Jilly from our office - Have Faith Swimgerie; she has been the manager of our company since we started. Well in July, Jilly found out she was expecting a baby. 2 months later, I found out I too was pregnant.  We are both very crafty, love to sew and since becoming pregnant our interests in a baby line of some kind has sky rocketed. So we decided to join together in our love of homemade, handmade items and start a Baby Blanket and Accessory line named after our Babies to be,

Besides designing something we're now so passionate about, the best part about this whole process is us donating a blanket for a blanket. I seriously cant wait to see the orders coming in and the pile of blankets for charity GROW!!! There is no better feeling than giving back to someone in need and we are so happy to be able to do that.

I would love to hear some of your favorite baby and child charities as we will be donating to many different charities, not always the same one.

Please visit and sign up for our mailing list.


twitter- @bnlpcouture

Thank You again

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