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2012 Fall/Winter Fashion. Fetish anyone?

Fetishism, Bondage, Manly everything from boots, to pants and jackets. Mistress Boots, jackets and gloves Oh my! Fall/Winter 2012 is looking super sexy.. Are you ready?!?!

I have been dying to write this blog post- but there is so much I want to say about it and so many designers to write about it fills my head with so much excitement that I never get around to writing about it..A.D.D 
Until now LOL.

Dior: Romantic Elegance
2012 feel- satins, tulle, velvet, fur, feathers and skins.

I love these shoes by Dior.. How amazingly cute are they. I also love the girly dresses. 

 Chanel- Shifts and Mannish trousers
2012 feel- Street chic, Tweeds, padded knits, play with proportions

I like the whole rocker feel... But I would probably sex it up a bit by pairing the shoes and jackets with shorts.. With CA weather you can do that.

 Louis Vuitton- Fetishism
2012 Feel- X-rated shiny surfaces, corseted waists, bondage handcuffs, mistress hats and boots

Love the short shorts.... ONe day ill have the guts to wear them.
 Lanvin- Emotion, Femininity, Comfort
2012 feel-  traditional elegance, great classics, short hems " get-up-and-go"
**note- I love Lanvin, but I always feel like the line is too mature for me... That is until I saw this lace dress.. Looks just like the one I bought from Forever21 a while back.. This Lanvin number is sexy, classy, young and mature all at the same time,.. If i snag this little number- I think I would still raise the hem though ;)
 Chloe- Snake Charmer
2012 feel- snake, snake and more snake. Chiffon and leather. 1970's casual Elegance
**note- I got to see Chloes 2012 runway show in Miami a couple of months ago. I was blown away by the collection. It was so classy but super sexy with plunging neck lines and beautiful neutral color palettes. This pic is slightly different from what I saw but keep an eye out for her new collections. Amazing pieces. 

Snake snake and more snake. In love 
 Valentino- Day wear for Happy hour- not rush hour.
2012 Feel- Powdery pastels, deep blues and chocolate. Leather, Lace and tulle.

 Miu Miu- " Modern Glamour"
2012 feel- 1940's, broad shoulders, color contrasts, ageless elegance
**note- Im a little all over with how I feel about miu miu's 2012 line. I normally love their collections bc they are super soft and feminine.. But the boxy jackets throw me off a little bit. I do however love the "look" of a jacket with nothing under it. Maybe thats why I was drawn to it... ;)
 Givenchy- Naughty but Classy
2012 feel- Duotone Panther Prints, patent leather, velvet and fur. "Versace did this in the 80's" prints.
**note- I love this. The yellow pencil skirt is great- although I would pair it with a tight bodysuit kind of top instead of a cropped sweater.. Way cuter.

Altogether its alot.. but take just the jacket and pair it with a a plain black top and jeans or leggings- Ahh to die. 
 Alexander McQueen- True Sex Appeal
2012 feel- "curvaceous femininity", corsets with a bondage fetish feel, fur trims, organza, laces, zips and harnesses.
**note- I LOVE A. McQueen. This collection is probably one of my favorites. The shoes are outstanding and Im loving the use of white in winter. I think a huge trend this year. Again we see Bondage and fetish themes <3 How exciting

Amazing. Want, Need Have to have

 Balmain- "Bowie-esque Glamrock"... young and wealthy
2012 feel- Glitter, minis and tunics. Fitted lam'e jackets and jumpsuits.
**note- Love their jackets.. want to try dresses.. although I dont have anywhere fancy to go LOL

Love want need this jacket <3

God it kills me.. But I love the fur in this
Stella McCartney-  Man- Meets- Woman
**note- Im not really into her collection- at least what she showed in Paris.. And this TREND of the .. I dont even know what you call it.. It looks like an over sized baseball jacket without the zipper front. Alot of designers have this style "shirt" or whatever in their collection and I will never understand how this is even appealing to anyone. Sorry.. just not for me
 Haider Ackermann- Liquid Draping 
2012 feel- Use of both Hard and soft leathers. Shades of white ( for the first time ) and silver, Satin, knits, and precious stone colors.
What he is known for- "To reveal the wearer's modesty or cover it up"
**note- Im not familiar with him but Im LOVING his style. The cream colored pant suit is amazingly sexy. Will have to look further into his previous collections to see what he is about.

How amazing are the first 2 outfits.. I love
 Isabel Marrant- Indians and Cowboys
2012 feel- Feathers and Navajo. Fringe, shearling, denim suede, feathers and draping. Natural "spur of the moment" look.
**note- LOVING Isabel Marrant. You know Im on a serious hunt for those thigh high cream fringe boots, but Im loving her style. The "spur of the moment" sexy and natural look is what Im all about. <3

Love them.. thanks bye LOL

Isabel Marrant Manly fringe boots
 Dolce and Gabbana- Boy/Girl rising STARS
2012 feel- 1930's mixed with 1980's. boy meets girl, lace leopard and an explosion of Stars.
**note- Im not into the whole "punk tomboy 80's throw back" feel.. But the stars are cute..
 Gucci- 70's Glamour
2012 feel- Brilliant palettes of turquoise, teal, violet, lilac reds and oranges. "More womanly than girly". Red Carpet dresses and Fur collars .
**note- Love the color combos here and the use of jewel tones. New color blocking combinations <3

How amazing and rich are the colors.. I love

She and this are perfection.
 Roberto Cavalli- Sumptuously Bohemian
2012 feel- "Gypsy Queen", feathers, layers, textures, chiffon, patchwork, leather, animal prints and skins.
**note- Cavalli is always amazing. I love his use of textures and layers. The whole gypsy bohemian feel is right up my alley

Love this jacket

The textures and layers just just amazing. He is brilliant 

This book is filled with a ton more goodies but Ill post this and post another tomorrow..
Hope this inspires you for fall/ winter.


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