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Missoni For Target! How Exciting!!

 Hello Ladies and Gents.
If you have not already heard- Italian designer Missoni has designed an exclusive and limited-edition line of clothing and house goods for Target set to be on sale starting September 13th through October 22nd !!!  How EXCITING!!!
Missoni is known for their zig-zag prints and knit wear.
The line for target will include over 400 items  such as bath towels ($10.99 to $12.99), shower curtains ($34.99), bedding, dinnerware, throw blankets, stationery, bicycles and outdoor furniture. Items will range from $3 to $600, but most products will be about $40.

I looked through their entire Look Book and chose a few items to post that I love.

But amongst all the excitement I cant help but give credit where credit is due and so I am going to tell a little story.

About a year ago or so I saw a documentary on a designer that was big in the 70's  and has recently 
(to me) made a come back; Halston .

Halston was best known for his luxurious but minimalist, modern designs, heavyweight cashmere evening dresses, ultrasuede wrap coats, and simple jersey sarongs. He achieved great fame after designing the pillbox hat for Jacqueline Kennedy and dressed tons of celebs ( that were HUGE then) like Bianca Jagger, Lauren Hutton, Liza Minnelli, Anjelica Huston, Lauren Bacall, Babe Paley, and Elizabeth Taylor.

 In 1982 he signed a contract with JC Penny to design a low end collection for the "masses". And I'll quote from ABC news online:

"Top-end stores that once favored the revolutionary stylist's designs ( halston ) suddenly dropped him from their racks. Many fashion historians say Halston's attempt to bring highbrow fashion to the masses was one of the biggest mistakes for the designer best known for Jackie Kennedy's pillbox hat, ultra suede and a hard-partying lifestyle at Studio 54. Not only was his low-end line unsuccessful, but the designer alienated his high-end clientele as well.

Twenty years later, it's a different story. With discount retailers like Wal-Mart and Target stealing sales from more upscale department stores, many designers are flocking to create lines of clothing, accessories and house wares for the mass market — with no stigma attached.

With Halston, it sent shock waves through the industry, "We weren't ready for people who spend $20 on a shirt to have a designer label. "

Today it's smart business."

I saw his documentary not knowing who Halston was (then) and fell in love. He was genius and its sad how closed minded society was then. He also said on some footage in the documentary this quote- and I use this and keep this in mind when designing my own line.
It was something along the lines of- 
If people show up to your store in a limo, you'll be taking the bus home. But if people show up to your store on the bus, you'll be taking the limo home. 
You get the gist. 

With that being said- Here is a Look at Missoni for Target... Enjoy xoxoxo

Im dying for this <3


For a complete look at the Missoni for Target Look Book follow the link below:

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