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Daily Mirror Pics 12/30/11

The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss,  and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving concern.
Beautiful people do not just happen.

Normally when I do a Daily Mirror pics post I will include who the clothing is by and where I got it from. Its safe to say 99% of it is from Intermix- however since I am in Switzerland at the moment, I may not be able to remember all of the designers of the clothing. :(  But if you have a question leave a comment and when I get home Ill list all of the designers for you :)
Happy Holidays everyone.
 Gstaad, Switzerland - our first night here.

Shirt- I think, Elizabeth and James from Intermix
Silver jeans- Rag and Bone. Vest- Wyler, Boots- YSL, Bag- Dior.

Vest- Adrienne Landau, Belt- Intermix, Jeans- Rag and Bone, Shoes- Christian Louboutin, Bag- YSL

Leggings- David Lerner, Boots- YSL, Scarf- D&G, Jacket- Iro 

Outfit from Intermix, Shoes- YSL

Jacket by Mason

Shirt by Equipment, leggings- David Lerner

Jacket- D squared, Boots- YSL

Sweater- Autumn Cashmere, Vest- Yves Salomon

Earrings- CC Skye from

Jeans- J Brand, Jacket- Iro, Fur neck wrap- Adrienne Landau, Earrings- CC Skye

Red lipstick- Gabrielle by Chanel

Lace Black Dress- Forever 21

Jacket from Intermix, heels- YSL

Dirty Couture shirt and shorts.. 

Dress by Stretta

Boots by Fendi from Intermix
Lace pants- Kelly nishimoto- My Cute Booty wear from
Skirt by Torn. Bag- Louis Vuitton

From their runway collection- Handcuff clutch

Obsessed with these boots in cream but they only made them in dark colors :(.. And Hells Yes to
the HOT SHORTS. I will rock this summer <3
Shirt- Vince, Boots- Valentino. Dog- Satan ;)

Me and my Mini = cousins

Sneakers- Isabel Marant, Glasses- Ray Ban

Leggings- LNA
Gym time, Sweat shirt- Gypsy 05

New Makeup bag By Make Up Forever!!!

All the compartments have Velcro and come out.

I always check and respond to my tweets and LOVE reading all your questions and comments.
Thank you so much for checking out my blog and I  look forward to hearing from you

Just a little extra...
These pants are amazing and at Intermix right now. I bought a pair but advent worn them yet but wanted to share !

I wanted flowers for the longest time in my hall way- so my mom had went to Michaels Craft store and bought me a bunch of silk flowers and sent them to me. I looked up pictures of arrangements that I liked and put my won together.
 Stuff like this I like to do myself- it makes me really proud every time I pass it. Just giving you ideas of things you can do to re-vamp your home. Flowers make such a difference but real ones for something like this wouldn't last long.

Silk flowers from Michaels Craft store!!

My finished product :)
My Isabel Marant boots got so dirty and I didn't know how I could clean them. My friend who works at Louis Vuitton told me to take a white eraser and gently erase the dirt.. I did and it worked amazing!!! Just be careful NOT to rub too hard not he leather. This also works for Louis Vuitton bags not he tan leather part I was told. <3

Michaels Craft Store has amazing decorations as well. I got both Halloween and Christmas decorations for my house here!!!

 If you have a favorite place, tip, or anything you would like to share- please leave me a comment and/or email me at and I will post in my next blog post to share with everyone else <3

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