Monday, 7 May 2012

DIY: 2 Ways to Turn Winter Shirts into Summer Shirts!

While transferring out some winter clothes to my alternate closet  I found a few shirts I never wore and quite frankly, didn't think were that cute on. I also just received a shirt in the mail that I LOVED on the website but was disappointed with the fit when I received it, so added it to my pile of "Things to alter" as well.
In the summer I love to wear high waist bell bottom jeans with cropped tops. So I decided to turn this long sleeve plaid  shirt into a cropped short sleeve shirt.

Here's how:
Sort of boring and never worn. While you have the shirt on make sure to mark where your desired length is for the sleeves and the length of the shirt before cutting it.

Lay shirt on the floor making sure all the seams are flat and even.

Cut straight across at the point where you made your mark. Using a ruler or  anything with a straight edge will make this easier if your shirt does not have stripes like mine does.

Cut sleeve at mark, then lay the sleeve on top of the other to assure accuracy on the length for both sides.

And there you have it. A super cute cropped top with short sleeves.  You can make them as long or as short as you want. Just roll and secure with a needle and thread on the inside arm.

Another cute way to transform some old cotton shirts is like this:

Cute shirt, Boring fit. Again, mark where you will start your cutting. For this shirt Ill cut from the neck line down .

Lay the shirt out flat, again, lining up all the seams so it lays flat and perfect.

Start cutting from the neck line area down since this area needs to be 100% even.

I wanted my entire sides to show in this shirt so I left only 3 inches above the bottom of my shirt. Once you cut one arm off,  lay it on top of the next and use it as a guide.

Holla! A super cute tank with revealing sides. Perfect for summer.

Now, if your neck line doesn't allow you to wear it off the shoulder, I reposted a DIY post I did a while ago; this will help complete your shirt.

Rock a sexy little lacy bra under it or were it to the gym with a sports bra :)

REPOST- How to make a regular shirt a cute Off the Shoulder shirt:

 Here is what the T-shirt looked like when I bought it. A boring neck line that just did nothing for me.

 All I did was take a pair of scissors and cut around the neck line first in the front ( grey bottom piece) .

Then I cut in half the back piece so it still had some structure to the neck line (2nd down)

Then I tried it on and thought it could use just a TINY bit more off the front (3rd down)

 And WALLLAAAA!!!! HOW CUTE is it now.. and SOOOO simple
And you wouldn't even know I cut it up myself :)

Soo cute and great for summer. You know how I LOVE my off the shoulder shirts :)

This is why I got the shirt. How sick is the back!

Just a quick post to get your creative juices flowing for summer. If you have any cool tips, tricks or idea  on anything DIY fashion, please share with us and I will repost :)

Thanks again for checking out my blog. I will try to post more often; there is so much I want dn need to share <3


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