Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Vintage Me !!!

I was 21 here and VERY SKINNY! Thats another blog post
I just found some fun "old" pics and wanted to share. In this post I  also want to share some of the places I would go to shop religiously  before I moved to CA with my husband.
( Don't get my wrong, some of these places I still go to. I still love the hunt and a good bargain :)

Then, I didn't have what I have now but I alway liked to look "well dressed". I was the queen of bargains and deal hunting, and for certain things I still am. So take a look at some of my fun pics from the past and scroll down for some of my favorite places to shop and why <3

These pictures are from age 18- 24... pre nose job FYI :)

Top from Forever 21. Necklace from Hello Kitty- Tarina Tarantino . Bag- Fendi from outlet store in NY

OK.,,, I was legit 18 years old here LOL

Clip in hair by Jessica Simpson. Blonde highlights only in the front of my hair done by myself.

The White Plains Bars.. Yes, I had my tongue pierced LOL

Top from Forever 21, jeans from Mandy's. Bag by Micheal Kors from Outlet store.

Ed hardy hat from Outlet, Top from Hollister , shorts from Hollister, Boots from Steve Madden

Top from Forever 21.. Well, vest used as a top LOL.. It was Miami 

Shorts from Joyce Leslie in NY, Top from ed Hardy. Shoes- Jessica Simpson

Bikini hand made by me.. this was before I started my Line 

Top from Joyce leslie.

Jacket from Daffy's. Boots from Aldo's. Fake Dior Bag LOL

Shorts from forever 21, shoes from Mandy's. 2 tops layered with Gold belt.

Lingerie Over my bra paired with Jeans.

Lingerie corset over my bra paired with leggings. PACHA

VEGAS!!! I LOVE vegas pool parties. My bikini and my girl Krystal's bikini was hand sewn by me. This was the beginning of Have Faith.

NY reppin in Vegas
Then, I had hand sewn my bikini. this was the start of my swimwear line.
Fun Fun Fun. I used to occupy Vegas pool parties 3-4x a year LOL
Bikini hand made by me.. now avail at

Miami <3 with my love Krystal. Top by Sky

Dress from Forever21!!! 

Having a moment. Vest from Joyce Leslie (NY)
Fake coach bag

With my bestie Blair <3 Missing my super dark hair and tan skin LOL

Working at the Arnold Classic with BSN. I used to live, eat and breathe Fitness. 

Catalog work

OMG, lol, so tan! Such a Guidette
Natural Hair !!

BTW- these are all before my nose job.. JUST an FYI LOL

Top from Hollister

Top from Ed Hardy... when it was cool.
Fendi bag from outlet store in NY

My girls <3

Jean shorts from Hollister, top from American Eagle

Tank top from Forever21, Hello Kitty Tarina Tarantino necklace bought on ebay.

Me and Greggy <3  Top from Forever 21... about $5.00

In shape!  VEGAS !!!

Costume from Trashy Lingerie...

Bangs... and never again

Damn... I was 19 here. LOL

Clip in hair piece by Jessica Simpson. "dress" from Forever 21
It was probably a shirt, but who knows LOL

I was in such good shape here. Diet and exercise is key

Dress from Lohmans, shoes by Jessica Simpson. VEGAS

Some of my Favorite shops:

Beacon's Closet- SO I used to spend a lot of time in Brooklyn when I lived in NY and I would DIE to go shop at this place. It's like a thrift store but HUGE and has both current an vintage items. I would spend HOURS in this place. I bought a pair of Robins Jeans for $16.00 and they were practically brand new. I used to get so many amazing pieces there. Its definitely a place you need to spend time in and rummage though the racks; but SO worth it. I also like this place because you can " Buy, Sell and Trade". When you clean out your closet, bring your old stuff to them and they will give you 2 different prices for your trade ins; one for cash, or one to trade for other items.. SO awesome.

Lohmans- Has designer goods; clothes, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, lingerie, mens.... everything. Some of their prices can be high but they are definitely lower than buying them in a regular store.

Nordstrom's Rack- LOVE Nordstroms. Nordstroms Rack is a "discounted" Nordstrom of all their "last season" clothing. Lots of goodies!

Forever21- Obviously has super cute clothing and amazing prices...

Hollister- I LOVE Hollister. Their shorts are my favorite fit and all their long sleeve shirts fit amazing. Their cuts rare just so amazing and super casual sexy. Cheaper than Abercrombie and way cuter if you ask me.

EBAY-  You can find anything on ebay, and trust me I have. Some of my most Glamorous friends shop on ebay as well. The key is to check the sellers feedback and to see how many items this person has sold before. Paying through paypal really protects both the buyer and the seller and I have not had a  problem with ebay or paypal ever! I like to sell some of my clothes and shoes on there as well. This is a website similar to ebay but they have exclusive designers that are different everyday. Its a "members only" site. All you have to do is visit the site and request to become a member. Then they send you an email with your login and password. One day this website had Herve Leger dresses not he site- SO CHEAP and they literally sold out in less than a minute. Check out the site to learn more. I have blogged about this site before but wanted to share it again. This post has a wide range of different brand from super cheap to pretty expensive. I have gotten the cutest dresses for so cheap yet they look and feel really expensive; my kind of buy :)

Daffy's - I used to find really amazing things at Daffy's. They have designer brands at discount prices. One of ym favorite jackets that Is tills ear to this day is from there. Look amazing for less <3

Joyce Leslie- I think this shop only exists in NY. I used to live there. Every week my girl friends and I would go and buy an outfit that we would were out that weekend. The prices are amazing, and Is till go there for smile t shirts, tanks, and leggings.

Favorite Malls- ( NY )
The Westchester 
The Galleria
The Palisades

Hope you enjoyed some of these oldies but goodies. I did this post to show that you can look cute at any price, it all depends on how you put your outfit together and your confidence in wearing it.

Cant wait to hear from you

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