Tuesday, 23 November 2010

My Finds Of The Week

'My finds of the week' posts will be about items Ive found that I feel are a super good price or a new hot item; "must haves". Also great deals, sales, discount codes, etc.

While on a short visit to my home town New York I decided to do alittle shopping while staying in the city. Around the holidays you never know what kind of deals you are going to find. Although I didnt find a great big sale or discounted deal, I did find a few things I thought were "SUPER CUTE" for a pretty good price.

Prada flats $295 at saks 5th ave

One of my favorite items I found this weekend were ** Patent Prada Flats** in both nude and black.   I found these at Saks 5th ave and they are priced at $295.00 which I thought was a steal compared to my Chanel flats at almost $500.00.   Im not such a "flats" kinda girl, but these I just couldn't resist.

A Hot nail polish that just came out and is all over the runways is Chanel's new Cote D'Azur Collection. It's their 2011 cruise collection and the color is to die for. I haven't gotten my hands on it yet but I'm on the hunt for it. Just letting you know it's a hot new color called RIVA !!!

( my computer isnt letting me add images ?!?!? so im going to end this post here and try again later. A blog with no pics is no fun! )


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