Monday, 1 November 2010

Lets Talk Shopping !!!

Heyy girlies- and the few gents who check for "good" pics ;)

Im going to try to update daily.. Im still trying to figure out how this works and get it to work from my phone.. My second post will be about SHOPPING!!!!

As you may or may not know- I am the owner and designer of Have Faith Swimwear- I look after my fiance Alki and my 5 dogs and try to run a business. Im a big believer in " if you want it done right; do it yourself" so needless to say I dont spend everyday shopping at the malls or on Rodeo Drive.  I do however browse my FAV online shopping sites a few times a week for new clothes and outfit ideas.

One of my binges is shoes. Im OBSESSED with Christian Louboutin and I'm one of their VIP's here in Beverly Hills.... am I bragging ?!?!? Stop me if I am- I by no means want to brag- just share the life that Im living bc for me; I still feel like im living a dream....  So anyway- bags and shoes I will not buy online UNLESS i know the designer and own a similar pair and know how it will fit.

FAV Online Shopping site(s): - What I Love about singer22 is that they have these FAB look book pics that start right when you log on that show you all the cutest newest clothes that came in. ** SOLD** LOL... Then it has an option to browse by celeb what they were seen in and what brand it was and they sell it right there on their site. Some of their prices are kinda pricey but others are not so much- and they have great sales as well..

Im deff a girl who mixes up my wardrobe. I still shop in Forever21 and for you east coasters * Joyce Leslie* for the occasional good find. Shoes and bags im pretty strict about bc to me that is what can make or break an outfit. Your shirt can cost $12 bucks and your jeans $50- But if your rocking amazing shoes- all of a sudden your "Glamorous" and worth a MILLION BUCKS !!!  So save up and invest in an amazing pair of heels- YSL I think is a great pump to start with- and in either nude or black bc it goes with everything!!!

** For instance ** In the pic to the left my dress is from FOREVER 21 !!! But bc I have on a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes I bet NO ONE would have ever guessed that :)

I just ordered these (right) from - YSL  and they haven't come yet :(

The Tribtoo is my Fav style pump from YSL.  Below im wearing them in tan- which my LOVELY dog Armani got ahold of a chewed my heel! UGHHHHHHH I could have killed him.. LOL- j/k at least he has good taste

For the Record- MY gucci bag in my pic I got on SALE last christmas for 50% off around Christmas time. It was originally around $1500.00 and I swear I got it for less than $800.00 ** STEAL** !!! Around the holidays is always a great time to check out some of the up scale boutiques bc they are always trying to clear out extra inventory or last seasons item!!!

Ok, so I think for my second post- this is a good start. I'll wait to hear some feedback and more ideas on what you would like me to write about. Tomorrow Ill try to post some of the things I like to eat during the day that help me keep in shape and ide like to post a Daily Mirror pic and list what im wearing.. Interested ?!?!?

Good night everyone

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