Wednesday, 27 June 2012

$89 Bikinis!!! 4th of July Super Sale!!!

 Lilly and I get emails almost every day from someone lusting after one of our bikinis, but unable to afford them at the retail price.  Our entire company is based off our goal to offer the highest quality Beverly Hills Bikinis at the lowest price possible.  If you compare our suits to some of our competitors, we have better quality, and at almost a third of the cost.

Have Faith - Swimgerie "Tiki Tribal" Bikini, now on sale for $89!!
Despite that, we do understand that even with our low prices, they are still too high for some girls to afford a bikini.  Well, every once in a while we want to take the cut ourselves and provide our suits at a price we hope will make it easier to afford.

Have Faith - Swimgerie Desire Bikini, now on Sale for $89!!!
Now is that time!!! In honor of 4th of July, we are having a 4th of July Super Sale offering $89 Bikinis on tons of styles.  Even brand new, 2012 styles!!! Here are some of my favorites in the sale, they are ALL only $89!!!

Have Faith - Swimgerie Cherry Pie Monokini, now on Sale for $89!!!

Have Faith - Swimgerie "Hypnotized Bikini", Now on Sale for $89!!!

Have Faith - Swimgerie "Midnight Moon" Monokini, On Sale Now for $89!!

The sale doesn't last long, it started today and will run until Sunday at 5pm (west coast time!). So if you've been lusting after one of our suits, we hope this helps to make your purchase a little bit easier :)

To see all the sale items, visit our website,, and then click the "SALE" tab, or just CLICK HERE to go straight there! The newer suits are at the bottom of the page :)

Jen and Lilly

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