Wednesday, 6 June 2012

THE Lip Plumper

So years years ago, before I started getting lip injections, I saw a commercial or infomercial about this lip plumper by Cynthia Rowland. It looked so amazing that I bought it. My friends bought it too and we all LOVED IT!!!

It's kind of like a P*nis Pump" but for your lips LMAO... Anyway, After looking at my old pictures from my last post "Vintage Me"  my girlfriend reminded me how we used to carry it around with us in our bags and pump our lips in the car and so on.. We were OCD with it.

LOL- also watch the
   "How To" video.  You'll have a laugh but I swear it works

ENJOY.. and if you buy it. Let me know what you think !


( Side note: I still have mine at my house in NY. I will be using it once I get it back LOL )

LOL How it works.. I swear this is real and really works

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