Sunday, 15 April 2012

My Make-Up UNDO mini Video

Hey Girls.

So, I know I have done a makeup tutorial before along with lots of other girls but I haven't come across anyone who has done a video of themselves taking it all of... as in their makeup LOL.. I thought it would be a cool concept and decided to give it a try. 
Here is my mini video.. Im calling it the "Makeup Undo".. 
I just came home from Dinner on a Saturday night and decided to take it all off in front of the camera. I started with my  fake eyes lashes, then to my lips, then my jewelry, eye makeup, face makeup etc.. Then I take out my ponytail and ALL of my clip in extensions as I do not have any hair extensions in at the moment. At the end its just me... and thats what I wanted to show... Im human, I have feelings, I get pimples and my hair isn't perfect.
I hope you enjoy this mini video, it was funny to make and the music is intense LOL
I look forward to your feedback :)


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