Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Daily Mirror Pics: Greece Edition 3

Blogging has gotten very exciting for me. Everywhere I go I'm with my phone taking pictures of things and thinking how cool it will be to blog about. So Im starting off with this blog entry *DMP* but then Im going to start on a fashion blog. My husband picked me up the fashion Bible- The PAris Edition of VOGUE- a close to 400 page magazine of all the runway shows from Milan, Paris and New York.  Im so into summer right now- but after seeing this magazine Im looking forward to the Boots and clothing of the Fall. It takes a while to blog about something, upload all the pics and so on- so this one Im going to take my time with and make super informative. 
XX- Jennifer

Here is one of the cute stores in town in Spetses. Its called Flash.. I picked up the cutest pair of sandals here. They are hand made in greece- Im hoping to find out by who so I can bring them to the states and sell in our store 9021Go in Beverly HIlls- opening later this year.
Here is inside the little Boutique.. Cutest little shirts, dresses and sandals..

Here are the Cute sandals I got. They don't have a name or anything on them :(

Ill do my best to research where they are from.. I wonder what other styles they have.. I should just design my own for have faith.. 

Here again is my grey Planet blue shirt. ( I didnt ship my clothes from LA to greece before I left for Miami so I am limited at the moment on clothing; need to go shopping LOL ). Anyway, this time I paired them with my Current Elliot cream shorts- LOVE.

 Love how the shirt is way longer in the back. SO cute

decisions decisions

While in town, I stopped at the sunglass store as well. Like my clothes I didnt ship my ray bans which I normally wear here bc they are so light- So i wanted to pick up a new pair. I found these YSL glasses and love the shape of the frame. 

My polish here is Chanel- Particular, Ring by David Yurman, Phone case from LUX

For me, a gradient lens looks best.


Today I wore one of my own Have Faith Swimwear bikinis. Xposed- all over lace bikini. I love how it looks when Im tan <3 

Ready to go for a bike ride around the island if I make it that far !!!   White shorts by Juicy Couture, Neon top by Splendid.
I didnt have sneakers with me here in Greece so Alki picked these out for me in town.. Actually cute on.


We biked to a restaurant by the water and had a salad there together.
The next day...
Here I have on a Halter top ( with built in bra) from Victoria Secrets. Jean shorts are by Sivy from Intermix. 

I Love the back of the shorts. The design of the "seam" above the pockets really flatters the bum. 

That NIght
Ready for dinner.. I have one a silk shirt from Intermix, and Jbrand jeans from there as well.. Im SO NOT into colored jeans, BUT these reminded me of the true blue jeans from the 70's- so I gave them a try... and LOVE them.
How CUTE are they. I can't wait to wear them in LA with heels.. For now I paired them with black Tory Burch flats to match my lacey black bra.
My hunny and I at dinner <3

Me and Greece... 
Like my 2012 collection coming out for Have Faith Swimwear, I adapt to my surroundings simply by changing my attire. You can't rock Christian Louboutins at a place that has cobble stone streets and dirt roads; and to top it off- and NO CARS!!! Plus Id look like such a fool- Its very low key here in Spetses, and so my clothes will match <3
Sitting outside the kitchen over looking the back yard <3 Splendid sweat shirt from
Intermix, grey shorts from PINK by Victoria Secrets

LOL dont ask what IM doing here..

At a Hotel in Town_ getting my favorite drink here in Greece- an Iced Coffee called Frap'e

The Fashion Bible- will blog about this in my next post.

OBSESSED with these thigh high Isabel Marant fringe boots. On my wish list.

I bought a note book , glue sticks , scissors and pens in town to make a fashion scrap book. I always do this when Im in Greece. I buy so many magazines but there is only a handful of pages I would want to keep, I cut them out and glue them into a book. I do this for my swimwear line and now for my blog :) Super easy and fun
While in Greece Im eating SUPER healthy. We have a chef who makes amazing meals which Ill document from here on out and share with you. They are super simple and have me saying.. " Why didnt I think of that"...
Here was my lunch from yesterday. Grilled veggies and puree Fava beans with 1/4 of a bufala mozzarella ball.
Another one of my FAV meals Ill eat throughout the day is Oatmeal cooked with water, mixed with Yogurt and cooked plums. I ran out of plums and substituted organic Jelly.... SOO YUMMY and healthy. No sugar added.

Im sorry there isnt much exciting going on in the *DMP*. During the day I mostly tan in my Birthday suit on the balcony and only put on casual clothes to go into town. At night ill dress it up a bit so hopefully that will keep it interesting. Im hoping to shop more and find some goodies to blog about.. Till then ...


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