Sunday, 31 July 2011

Daily Mirror Pics: Greece Edition 4

YIPPEE!! So I finally did some more shopping. Not so much for clothes yet- but a bunch of super cute sandals... Sandals seen to be my "thing" this summer... Or maybe Spetses just seems to have imported some of the cutest sandals that I have not seen in LA?!?!? Either way- There are super cute ones and Im so excited to share. Iv also done some Online shopping.. Whenever I'm on vaca and relaxed I tend to do online shopping... So here are some of my *DMP* as well as some new super cute items I'v picked up.

Laying in back of the house... So peaceful.. But not so comfy.. Its all rocks LOL
Out in the Distance you can see the island of Hydra.

Loving my Have Faith Swimwear * Deja Vu * Bikini...  It's so bright and yummy...

I also have this shirt is coral.. Remember in my previous
*DMP*... I love this big arm holes. Going to Hydra for the day.
Shirt by Splendid from Intermix.

And rocking my Sivy Shorts from Intermix as well. 

Sparkley eye shadow and a braid is perfect for summer.
Shadow by Bobbi Brown in Gold Stone ( pictured below).

The necklaces Im wearing are a combination of both Greek and Italian. 
On the bottom left-  A Byzantine Cross- given to me by my Husband when we first met.
Second- The Italian malocchio charm-  to ward off bad luck.
third- The Greek Evil Eye- The eye acts like a mirror- sending the "evil gaze" of the
sorcerer back at them. Kind of the same as the Italians 'Evil Eye'.
Last- A Catholic cross- given to me by my aunt when I was young.
The top necklace is called the *Hand of Fatima* - it is a sign of protection that represents
blessings, power and strength and also protects against the Evil Eye.

Today we went on the boat to an Island called Hydra. Its one of my favorite Islands to
shop. They have the cutest little shops. There is not 1 single car and its just amazing.
I have one a Have Faith Swimwear Bikini- Xposed.

How beautiful!!!

Here is Hydra.. The little man standing where our boat is going to go is there every single time we go. Year to year- he never changes. He's runs the marina there.

Shopping in greece is super fun. Look at all the beautiful necklaces and rings.. I
think Im going to pick up a few things from here and have them as give-aways for my blog readers :)

I can never get enough of these bracelets.. Super cute <3

I love that big Evil Eye charm. I may have to go back and get it next week. We go weekly to Hydra so I dont always go crazy my first time there

And of course I got my favorite drink here in Greece.. a Frappe..

Which some how resulted in me indulging in a Waffle with icecream and bananas ????? SO not like me.. Deff that time of the month... I ate half... Just Saying.
Ready for a night in town..
Shirt by Chan Luu from INtermix
Jeans by Frankie B
Belt- Louis Vuitto

I like that its a slight belly shirt in the front , but still long in the back.

In town with my step son having my favorite- FRAPPE!!!!!!
What I'v been eating.
So Iv been eating super clean.. ( minus my ice cream and waffles )... Someone asked me why I was "dieting" or eating clean and here is why.... When your used to being in a certain shape, or know that you have looked better before, no matter how "good" you look, it's still not good enough. I know what Im capable of looking like an what kind of shape I can be in. You are your worst critic- and Im ready to put in the effort and get back to the place where I feel my best.. or even better. Id also like to compete again- but I travel so much it has been hard to set a show date. Maybe later this year :)
Here is what a typical breakfast looks like .. on one counter.
Cooked oatmeal with yogurt and fresh cooked plums with almonds for me :

On the other counter-
boiled eggs with olive oil, Fresh tomato salad and avocado. Mushrooms are on the right.. I dont like them.

Here is my Oatmeal with greek yogurt and fresh cooked plums with Almonds. No sugar added

Yummy and so healthy

Also Fresh juice

The next day- Boiled eggs, half an Avocado and  puree Fava beans

Picked up some new Essie Nail polish. They are 10 Euro each  here?!?!? I pay like $6 at home!!!

How cute are these Melissa + Salinas Flip flops!!!!!

Got them in Pink too.. of course lol

These were like 30 euro but have no name... :(
The colors match my 2012 Have Faith Swimwear bikinis!!!!

Im obsessed with these.. They are by Earis ? And the hardware is by crystallized

The 2 flip flops next to me are by Havaianas 'slim'... So comfy 
Since there are no cars on the Island.. really.. People get around on motor bikes. Alki got me my first "car" for the island.. Im so excited.. Its big strong and beautiful.. She needs a name now LOL

Also today we had a 2 page spread in the Greek 'Real News' News Paper. Written by a girl Im friends with on Twitter- Gianna Pap. Thank you again G xoxo <3

Online Shopping Items

Im over my phone case so I recently went to to see if they had any new phone cases.. And sure enough they did. Here are a few that I LOVED... and the one  I bought is last.

I bought this one... LOVEEEEEE

I am SO IN LOVE with these and cannot wait for them to arrive. I got the last pair :( but if you search the name you can find them on the internet.. They also come in blue and cream..

NO I didnt gte these but how amazing are these Alexander McQueen shoes.. Amazing. I love him *rip*

This is GENIUS and I seriously contemplated buying it. What a statement piece and this season "dominatrix" and Bondage will be huge...

I am on a SERIOUS HUNT for these Isabel Marant boots in CREAM!!! I really want the thigh high ones but how cute.

I want the first pair. The thigh high SO BAD!!!!

SO I found this site called Matches.. Apparently it's big in the UK. I wanted this dress bad- but they didnt have my size :(

If I had this dress- I would get it tailored to be super tight- way cuter.. Like the Versace Mini from last season

I did however buy this one and will have it shortened if need be and made tighter. I just loved the design <3

I also bought this amazing jacket.. You girls know I LOVE jackets and I dont have anything like it.. 

SO there you go.. I hope you liked todays *DMP* and I look Forward to your questions and comments.. Iv also answered a bunch from the last post in comments and will answer the rest tonight.. Going to the sea for a swim

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