Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Helpful DIY videos

Hey girls. Im sorry I have not blogged as much as I anticipated this trip to Switzerland. Coming straight from LA to Gstaad the 9 hr difference has killed me. With this being said Im up late as my husband is sound asleep next to me and since there is no TV in our room here I have been browsing youtube for some new DIY ideas. I found some really fun and affordable ways to glam up and organize your vanities and some super cool beauty tricks and wanted to share them with you.

This first video is of a girl who has a TON of nail polishes. I definitely don't have as many as her but I love how organized she is. I really want to try to do something like this for my polishes when I get home.

Now some of you may know about this super spakley nail polish I get all the time. Well I found a video of how you can get the nail look that I paid $85.00 without tip for under $10 !!! Watch the video and learn how... Im hooked

I also had done a gradient nail color where it faded from gold to black.. I've included a pictured below. Here is a super easy way to achieve the "ombre" or gradient look at home! Im so excited to try this.

Heres a video (this girl cracks me up) to make your own Nail Polish rack. Super cheap and easy and I just love the idea.

This girl is so creative. Here is a DIY lip stick organizer/holder. To make this even cuter I would paint mine pink and then add a glaze. But what a creative idea.

I have always wondered how makeup artists get all their lipsticks into one palette. This video shows you how to make your own lipstick palette. This I LOVE and will definitely be trying when I get home.

This is so fun and I have 2 frames I picked up at a flea market almost a year ago that I am going to try this with!! A DIY jewelry hanger... enjoy

Being that Ombre everything is so in right now- here is an easy way to make your own Ombre clothing!!

I hope you had fun looking at all these DIY videos and I hope they inspire you to be creative <3

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