Thursday, 2 February 2012

London, Switzerland and Shopping Oh My !!!

I thought I had posted some pics from my recent trip to London over the Holidays but apparently I didn't. I love shopping while in Europe because they always have different things than we have in the states and for a fashionista- its a dream!

I didn't go crazy but I found some amazing pieces.
I also included some pics of items I desire as well as some "New Additions"...
I hope you enjoy <3

McQueen.. They had this bag in Switzerland but the leather part was a different color. Then I saw this bag on for PRE ORDER!!!! I love the horn detail... Contemplating <3

I LOVE these!!!!
Looks JUST LIKE a McQueen but a fraction of the cost!!!
So while in Gstaad, I bought a tan Celine Phantom Luggage tote NOT KNOWING it was all the rage and sold out everywhere in the states! They had every color you could think of.. But here is one that I love.. I love the 2 tone :)

 Some NEW  Goodies

McQueen Leopard scarf <3

Celine Phantom Luggage tote. 

I love that you can wear it multiple ways

Its amazing for traveling. It has so much space!

Celine Phantom Luggage Tote!!!
New Necklace from Miu Miu.. I love the pearl and Crystal bow!!

I needed a matte leather nude pair of heels. These fendi's were so comfy to walk in!!! From Intermix 

OBSESSED with this Chloe bag from INTERMIX!!!! Mint <3
Dressing room fun. Loving these Green skinnies as well !!!
Louis Vuitton's Spring collection is looking so yummy! The colors are amazing. I snagged this Turquoise bag bc I don't have anything like it in my collection yet. I also got a matching wallet in Yellow and a waist belt in Coral/Red with gold hardware!!! Summer is on the way!


I have NEVER been a red person but lately I have  been LOVING RED. I got these YSL heels at Intermix 

I love the wooden sole.

Ski Bunnies

My 3rd time skiing. I was so nervous LOL

Ski Bunny attire
Peachka and I <3
Amazing View


I love having tea.. this one was so cute. A Fashionista's tea


I LOVE airport shopping.. My hubby bought me Hermes metal Cuff bracelets :) 

I rocked a lot of pony tales in London... I think it was bc I had tracks sewn in and it gave my head more volume LOL

I was feeling very Gaudy LOL.. I couldn't help myself in Versace when I saw this set!


In Selfridges with Rachel "peachka". We found amazing fend boots on sale at Fendi! We both got the same pair!! I love a good sale!

Aww my hubby surprised me with this super cute iPhone case... He is so good to me <3

Chanel = Classic, Except those flip flops turned my feet black from the bow. I may bring them back
Louboutin in Londond

Make-up forever makeup case worked like a charm. Highly recommended. 

TRAVEL TIP-When traveling with you palettes I was told to put a piece of paper towel in them so that the colors don't break and make a mess.. It worked great for me.

Side Note-
Can we talk about how HOT Christian Louboutins Spring/Summer collection is!!!!! Here a few I have my eyes on!
I really like this bag. It's different and a show stopper.. My kind of purchase!

Want and NEED!!

I would get both.. Its an easy heel to walk in and would be amazing on.

Have this with the strap in nude. Easy heel to walk in and makes me Super Model Tall ;)

Im liking the combo although it rings a little fall for me not so much Spring summer?!?!?

Hoping the front toe hole is smaller than the lady peep!

Easy to walk in.. Loving the PINK! Need a pair asap. And to think I rocked bright pink pumps when I was 18. LOL

I need in my life. Been dying for a WHITE pair of heels!!!

Thats it for now. Its been taking me a bit longer to gather pics bc I bought a new computer and phone and transferring all my pics is taking a life time. I promise a *Daily Mirror Pics* post soon..

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