Monday, 13 February 2012

Whole Foods Run...

Just a quick post of some items I picked up at whole foods since 1. I gave up meat and 2. Im on a diet.
Let me know if you have a fav item from Whole Foods and tell us why you love it so much.. There are so many goodies in that place!

PS. Just arrived in Gstaad, Switzerland! I love blogging while I am here.  Hope to have some new exciting posts up soon :) It's been a minute since I posted some DMP's !!!
I LOVE these. They taste just like chicken but its made out of tofu. I throw them in the microwave for 2 min. So simple and yummy

For on-the-go

Super yummy and healthy. I drink with breakfast

Asparagus. Boil in pot till bright green, drain and then eat!!! Add lemon so extra flavor

Love salsa.. and Oats for breakfast made with water or Almond Milk.

I got the almond milk with Vanilla- taste better to me and still healthy.

Yummy but HAD to add lemon. I hate the taste of fishy fish lol

I LOVE this "bacon". To me it taste amazing. Pop them in the toaster till the edges turn brown. So simple

I had these in greece. Add tunafish on top!

Great alternative to regular pasta. I mix with tunafish and cranberries make tuna pasta ;)

So healthy. Almost like a flaxseed. You can add it to anything, salad, pasta, drinks etc. 

ON the label it seemed healthier than the brown rice pasta but my trainer said that the brown rice pasta is healthier anyway ??!

Didn't try yet but I need things to eat when Im craving more than a sweet potato or to eat with my tunafish salad.

Same as above. add tuna on top or some agave for a healthy treat!

Havent tried these yet but I was craving chocolate . 

Great source of protein

Breakfast and  lunch right there!

I need to commit and just drink this for 2 days straight. Haven't done it yet

My new multi vitamin. Im lacking in energy lately so I picked up this one. The pill is pretty big to swallow though :-/ 

Simple and yummy. I also put this on my face as a face mask.

Some drinks I keep in my fridge

More drinks in my fridge

My husband LOVES Hommus. I found a recipe to make it fresh from home. Excited to try it

My morning and night tea. Get Regular I drink every night. It has a gentle laxative which helps "regulate" your self. Not that I needed it but heard it was good to take. Skin detox I drink every morning ( thanks Marianna ).

Enjoy Ladies and Gents. I look forward to your comments and questions :)

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