Monday, 6 February 2012

My Birthday Tea Party!!!

How cute is this. My girl friends Lilly and Jill planned a Tea Party for me for my (early) birthday. I think its a really cute and inexpensive idea (depending on where you go) for a birthday party with your girls. We even had a theme for the party which was Vintage, pearls and lace, Classic tea party attire.. It was so much fun. All of the girls wore little hats and pearls and we dressed up in cute little dresses.
We decided to have ours at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, but you can google any hotel and see if they have a "High Tea" or Afternoon Tea there. Or search on Yelp as shown below.

We all met at 2:30pm and left at about 5pm. After about 30 min they brought out strawberries and whip cream. Some of us ordered champagne as well. Then shortly after they brought out everyones tea. On the tea menu each person can select a tea which comes with an entire tray of bite size treats. To save money we only ordered 3 FULL teas that comes with the tray of treats.  Everyone else just ordered individual tea instead of all of us getting the fully monte and not finishing it. So for 7 girls we had 3 trays of treats- it was the perfect amount.
I included the menu from the Peninsula tea so you can see what Im talking about. We ordered 3 of the Imperial teas.

I ordered the Jasmin tea with honey; it was so yummy!
We decided that for each girls birthday, which happens to be 1 every month for the next few months, we would come back and do a Tea Party but with a different theme. Just a cute idea and experience I wanted to share with you because it was so fun and fab but really inexpensive once everyone chipped in and split the bill.
I hope you enjoy my pictures and it gives you great ideas for your own parties <3 My birthday btw is on the 17th of Feb :) Happy 27th birthday to me <3

Beautiful flowers in an antique tea pot from my lovely friend Sarah

Im clearly not used to this move LOL

Our treats. See how much comes per each Full Tea you order. Thats why we only ordered 3

Thanks again for checking out my blog. Happy Tea Party <3

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