Sunday, 26 December 2010

Get My Look: Summer Goddess

 I just wanted to share where I got my FAVORITE summer look from especially because they are having a SALE!!!! I love looking super sexy in the summer but not having to look like I "tried" .. I'm all about the summer Goddess look and these are it for me. Anything off the shoulder and anything that blows in the wind.

I just ordered a second shirt that I once paid $145 for for only $36.00.. I cant believe it.. So hurry hurry and
*Get My Look*

So my fiance is Greek, and we have a house in Greece that we spend time at in the summer so of course I wanted something "greeky" for while I'm there.. These tunics are made out of gauze and some of the others are made out of a silk or chiffon.. but my faves that I live in are gauze.. I wear them to the beach, out at night with shorts, during the day shopping with espadrilles... I mean they are just a great item to have in your wardrobe for summer!!!! An now she is having a SALE!!!

The site is called * Jens Pirates Booty *  below I listed the one Im wearing in the picture above and also some of the other ones I own, LOVE and just ordered !! Enjoy

Also my swimwear line has a few silk tunics I wear as well.. And next year we have an entire new line of amazing tunics, coverups and dresses for the beach coming out..  Ill give sneak peeks in January <3

** Just a recommendation- I ordered one of these in Pink.. and I'm not crazy about the color.. I think its safe to stay with neutral or white.. But thats just me :) ** 

MY FAV !!! I got the ivory silk with gold trim.. SOOOO beautiful and only $36.00 !!!!
This is the one I'm wearing in my pic in white.

I have and LOVE... just reordered more

Have and LOVE in ivory and gold

Just ordered in neutral

Just ordered in both colors !!!

Have and love in neutral

Have and Love in neutral

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