Wednesday, 15 December 2010

My Finds Of The Week + Xmas

While Christmas shopping for loved ones I decided to take a peek in Herve Leger so see what new dresses they have in. Come to find out Herve had an AMAZING SALE section 40-60% off a TON of dresses; and super cute ones might I add.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to grab some amazing Herve dresses at the sale prices they had posted; this is what I found.

ps. You'll see in the pic below all of my Herve dresses are folded and laying flat. My girl friend Lisa told me that because the dresses weigh so much that if you hang them, over time they will stretch out. So to prevent that from happening you lay them flat :)

The lady ended up giving me 70% off 2 items since I was buying alot. There were sooo many more dresses I wanted, but I have to limit myself somewhere. After all its Christmas time, that means buying for others.... NOT for myself LOL. The beaded cropped jacket was originally $2500.00 !!! I cant even believe how much it was. But I got it for $750. Ill end up pairing it with jeans and heels, and/or a dress. 
You can dress it up or down which I love. The blue skirt came out to be only $200 and change !! 
The dress seen on Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian is AMAZING on!!!!!! It looks like Kim had shortened the length, and I agree with her choice. Ill end up doing the same. It looks better shorter in this style.The orange and gold I need to try on again in my own closet and see about the length. I already have the orange style in purple and I kept it long. Maybe ill shorten the orange then to have a variety to choose from.

This year was the first year I decorated my own house.  Growing up my family would do it every year, decorating outside the house, getting a tree and decorating it as a family and hanging the shocking on the fire place. So now that I've moved out and living with my Fiance Alki in our own home , I want to continue those traditions so they are not forgotten when we have our own kids; tradition to me is very important. So anyway, My mom told me to check out Michaels Craft store.  A decorating company had quoted me $100 for a 2ft wreath. I thought that was crazy and decided to do it myself. So I grabbed my friend Lara and off we went to Michaels Craft store. At Michaels EVERYTHING was 60% off. I got 4 , 2ft wreaths for $2.00 each !!!!! I grabbed a bunch of fake flowers, candy canes, pine cones, wire cutters, glue guns. I even found some beautiful garland already decorated with flowers, lights and pine cons for $50.00 per 8 ft !! It was originally $90.00. I ended up getting a last minute tree and ornaments at Target. The selection wasn't great and the tree was ok, but for this year it will have to do.
Hope you enjoy my pics :)

Happy Holidays Everyone

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