Saturday, 11 December 2010

My Finds Of The Week

Im not very familiar with this designer- BUT I saw them on EBAY and fell in love.
The designer is Brian Atwood- I saw the shoes on Jennifer Lopez in a recent magazine ad. they looked to sexy and different from anything I have. 
They retail at $1400.00 and I got them on EBAY for $600.00 !!!

You can find super great finds on EBAY but you have to make sure the seller has great feedback and read buyers comments.

The heel height is great on this shoes- runs 1/2 size small and has swarovski stones on the heel. 
I think it's  silk/satin 3" wide ties that make a super bow in the back.. LOVE!


So I told you around the holidays all the stores have really great sales. Well right now gucci has great bags on sale, prada has the cutest makeup bags and wallets on sale... really all the stores have a great sale section- but it's while supplies last. My friend just bought a bag that was originally $1150.00 and she got it for $689.00 at gucci !!

I posted a few weeks ago my find of 'that' week !! I wrote that I had just bought the Chanel 'steel' nail polish and
TAA DAAA- here it is in a magazine. Someone had asked if its ok to wear dark nail polish for the holidays.. So here is an article about the best Dark polishes for this season <3

My new Pina Christian Louboutin boot that Im obsessed with. Only Beverly Hills and Miami got the lavender grey color!!! 

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