Wednesday, 22 December 2010

I'd Just Like to Say!

I just received this comment from a girl named Maria. Please read below so I can explain a few things for her and everyone else who may be thinking the same thing...

Theres a few things ide like to say in response to this comment.

1. Your right- in my blog you have not seen me post pictures of such events because if you read my "FIRST POST" you'd see that this is a blog about beauty/fashion,tips and tricks; and I quote - "Here I'd like to share what celebrities won't: makeup secrets, what I'm wearing, where to get it, and tips & tricks of the 'inside crowd'. ".

2. There is such a thing called 'Midnight Run'- where on Christmas Eve people such as my self, my fiance and his 2 children go around town with blankets, old clothes, warm jackets and some money and give it out to the homeless.

3. There is also a saying that, when you do something good for someone it's not right to brag and or flaunt it around.. " Look at me, Look at me, I'm such a good person, I bought a present and I'm putting it in the toy box for the children"... Thats not what I'm about. I am a giving person. I love helping people (ie: the reason I started this blog). I'm NOT a celebrity or someone who is trying to set an example to others, and I certainly dont feel the need to prove to people that I do or dont help the needy and less fortunate. So I hope people arent looking at my beauty/ fashion blog thinking the same thing.. Something like that would more likely be posted if anywhere on my twitter page... A possible pic of us out late at night with the baskets we made.

4. While on this topic I will set the "record" straight.. Alki and I give to homeless almost daily, or whenever or wherever we see one and we give $20 at least every time. I posted this comment and pic on my twitter at 9:15pm on October 30th. We were on our way to dinner driving on Santa Monica blvd; which anyone who knows or lives in CA knows Santa Monica blvd is a very busy street and we stopped anyway.

So please dont try to school  me on how "remember when you give back you get back". In my plastic surgery blog I also stated at the bottom and I'll quote again- "My fiance taught me, "to keep what you have, you give it away." I get it. "

And I'll also add since you got me started that I not only help homeless and less fortunate but I also give to my friends and family as well. I won't say who got what but I have and continue to buy for my friends who couldn't afford these things at a certain time but could really use them or just really wanted them. AND whenever I get a new laptop, ipod, camera, bag, shoes  etc - I give my "old" ones to my friends as well. I'm NOT selfish.. Ive stated before and I'll say it again.." I may be spoiled but I am NOT A BRAT!" Anyone who knows me will agree 100% and I'm confident about that.

Moral of this is.. Just because I'm not bragging, blogging or whatever about it on my beauty/fashion blog doesn't mean I'm not doing it.
Thank you

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