Thursday, 2 December 2010

My Finds Of The Week

Hi ladies and gents.. I know its been a while since I last posted but in a way thats a good thing bc I have LOTS to talk about..

I went to Glendale to visit my girl Lara for the day and do some shopping. We went to a beautiful Nordstroms/mall there that I have never been to and had a blast... Here are my finds

 Super cute Ugg Boots.  Priced at $199.95 which I thought was pretty good considering just plain Uggs cost about $140.00.  I LOVED the tan and white- they go with just about anything and look super cute with jeans.

**IMPORTANT**What I did notice is the suede part of the boot were different colors. The sales lady brought me out my size and when I looked at both of the boots they did not match.. Its funny because I never "check" shoes or boots but for some reason I did that day and thank god I did. I included a pic to show you what I mean below.

( I also got the boots in black.. they go with everything and I live in Uggs when its cold during the day! )

Another AMAZING find was a HELLO KITTY<3 bag Lara and I saw in a random stores window. It looks just like the Louis Vuitton bags but obviously its HELLO KITTY!!!! It was only $60; I fell in love and bought it. ( Im a HUGE hello kitty fan and am attracted to anything PINK).

For a Sanrio bag- It was made really well. Even the inside was made well and had really nice detail .  It even came with a dust bag (pictured below) soo cute!


It was the last Pink bag in the store.. BUT on the tag it had a website of who the bag is by so you can purchase it there!!!!! WOOOO HOOOOO!!  for $70.00. I also found it on amazon at this link - Amazon for only $59.95 !!!

While in Nordstroms we hit up the Make-up counters... OF COURSE!!! Lara introduced me to some great new products which I'll include in an upcoming makeup post.. But in the meantime Im going to share some of what I picked up.

**YSL came out with a new line of nail polishes for cruise. They are really pretty almost metallic Gold, Bronze and Silver.. I had silver already so I picked up the Bronze and the Gold.. I don't know if it was worth getting both- because when on my nails they look very similar.. so test it out first to see what color you like better..

While browsing the YSL counter I came across this amazing new GOLD lip gloss.. I tried it on being curious as to how it would look on my lips and it was beautiful.. Just a little hint of gold but it made my lips look super wet and fabulous!!! Im loving everything Gold right now :)

** Another new nail color I got is Steel, by Chanel.  Its like a midnight Black with silver specs in it.. Looks really pretty on- more Glam than Goth!

I got introduced to Laura Mercier makeup products.. I've loved and used her Creme Brulee Body cream,spray and hand lotion for years but I never tried her makeup... and now I'm addicted.
I got 4 shadows and they are all so pretty.  ( Sable I wear on its own- the other 3 I wear together)
Gilt is my all over base, truffle in the crease and then
tigers eye on top of truffle.
My new laura Mercier eye shadows

With winter here my lips have been getting so dried out.. I decided to buy these Kiehls lip balms which are suppose to be their #1 balms and test them out.. I put them on at night before bed because they are really greasy and it will drive me crazy during the day. When I woke up my lips felt smooth and amazing! They cost about $7 and also make great stocking stuffers!!! A bonus is they have SPF 4 in it.. gotta keep your lips nice and pink !!

Hope you liked my ** Finds of the week**

comment if you have any questions or share with us your FAV product!!

<3 xx

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