Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Lets Talk: Hair

I just got my hair extensions redone at Byron and Tracey - my salon here in Beverly Hills. I decided to darken my hair for the winter and went with deeper color extensions. While I was there I also picked up a new Blow dryer since I was using a cheapy one from Riteaid for the longest time.

My girl friend Lara got hair from The Hair Shop - where most salon get their hair from. She bought tracks and had them sewn in by my lady Deena at La Peer beauty supply. La peer carries a ton of products from all over the world. This is where I get most of my nail polishes, ( essie, OPI, duri ) and hair care products.  See the pictures below to find out what I bought and why I love them.

3 different colors for a natural look :)

When I used to work in a hair salon, Alot of the ladies would come in with this shampoo. So I bought it and decided to try it myself.I love it at the moment.But you deff cant go longer than every other day to shampoo.I havent tried the hair mask yet but the line is suppose to be amazing.The conditioner is really thick so you only need alittle. 

Ceramic Flat iron by ghd. One of the best out there. I like the 1" flat irons bc it can get really close to the root.

Barbar Italy 3800. They use this at my hair salon

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