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My Favorite products: For Day and "Special" Nights

This post is about my favorite products to use to get clean and smell almost edible. Whether  my hunny and I are going on a date night, or it's just a regular day of the week- these are some of my must use products that keep me feeling fresh all day and night long.

I'm really big on cleanliness. I have to use both soap and then a body wash everytime I shower to feel clean. I also swear by using a loofa. To me thats the only thing that really gets you clean, because it's exfoliates and cleans all at the same time. By just rubbing a bar of soap on your body, It's not getting all the dead skin cells off and truly cleaning you. LOL- I bet I sound OCD- but I like to say it's just common sense.

I remember back in the day I used to date this guy who didn't use a loofa, or even a wash cloth for that matter; he only used a bar of soap. And everytime he would get out of the shower there would be this nasty ring of filth left in the shower. Long story short- I introduced him to the loofa, and the ring of nastiness never came back. Matter of fact- I feel like I've had to introduce the loofa to almost every BF I've ever had and after one use they were addicted. Wash clothes to me don't cut it. They aren't coarse enough to really exfoliate the skin and basically just rub the soap around. Do a test- take a bar of soap and just rub your body with it as if your washing.. and then rinse off. Then grab a white wash cloth, get it soapy and clean again- I guarantee it turns brown from dead skin cells still being stuck on your body... Meaning, your still dirty!

So I have this whole regimen I do in the shower, and then a little something extra if I'm having a special night with my hunny... "Special" ;)

So first I start with washing my hair so that while I wash my body the conditioner can sit in my hair. :)  Ive posted in my Lets Talk: Hair blog post what shampoo I use at the moment.

So while my conditioner is sitting in my hair, I then use my favorite bar of soap and my very cute pink loofa. I try to use everything pink in the shower for myself so my fiancee knows what is mine, and what is his. LOL guys love using girl products!
Caress and Dove are my 2 favs!

2 of my fav bar soaps.


After that I use my fav shaving oil and shaving cream to shave. I also use a mens 5 blade razor- I feel like this gets the closest to the skin.  
One of my fav shaving creams from L'Occitane

Fave shaving oil by L'Occitane

My fav 5 blade razor Gillette fusion .

I also love the Skintimate shaving gel !

After I shave I wash my body again , but this time with a shower gel. My favs are Olay creme ribbons and Coconut Lime by bath and body works.
From Bath and body works.

Then I rinse off including the conditioner out of my hair.  I also have a  pink pumice stone in my shower that I'll use from time to time if i feel the bottoms of my feet are getting rough in between pedicures.

Then for the intimate areas. Yes, I'm going there! This product gets your really really clean in those "special" places. All of my girl friends use it as well - especially on our "date" nights. So I'm sharing our secret with you. lol Summer's Eve.. Delicate Blossom

I have this body oil by Neutrogena that you put on damp skin and then towel dry it off and it leaves your skin really hydrated without feeling oily. This is great for both winter and summer
Nordstroms rack always has these really cheap!
Also. If my lips are feeling alittle dry or rough I'll use this lip scrub by Sara Happ that tastes as good as it smells. My fav is the Red velvet. After I apply the Lip Slip and wear it only when I sleep.
Now for my fav lotions and scents that smell so good, you'd want to eat them.

So this is one of my fav "sexy" scents. The lotion is  by Laura Mercier called creme brulee. It's really expensive so I only use it in "special" areas LOL. Then I use the scent all over.

I also LOVE and always get so many compliments on this one. It's called Pink Sugar by Aqualina sold at Sephora and it's much cheaper than the Laura Mercier one and smells just as good. The lotion however isn't as great smelling as the creme brulee but the scent is to die for. It smells just like cotton candy- amazing :)
For regular days where I'm just lounging around I like to use Dove- cream oil lotion and/or  Vaseline. Not sure what the scent is but it's in a yellow tub with a pump?!? Smells yummy

While on the go I like to keep these Playtex cleansing cloths on me. I swear by these! They smell amazing and are great if you end up staying over night somewhere or to feel fresh during that 'time of the month'.

So there are most of my Fav products and my secrets for sexy date nights. Let me know what you think of my recommendations and if you love as much as I do :)
Also- if you have a favorite product that you love to use for day or "special" nights- share with me. 
I'm always looking to try new things :)

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