Wednesday, 26 January 2011

My Workout Routine: GLUTES/QUADS/ABS 1

Yay Ladies!!!!! My trainer Lauren Kern sent me over The last "leg day"  workout routine we did. I train with her for 1 hr at a time around 3-4 times a week- if I'm not traveling. Day 1 is a quad/glute and abs day, Day 2 is a back day, Day 3 is a hamstring/glute and abs and Day 4 is a shoulders/arms and abs day. Lauren and I are going to have someone film her training me one day soon.I'll post those videos on here so you can see exactly what she has me do. Lauren is also going to have her own workout videos on her website soon so you can watch those in between me posting my own.  

Umm.. can we just talk really quickly on how HOT my trainer is and how HOT her body is..She competes in NPC Figure! She is training me for my next show which will be NPC Bikini division 
(my 2nd show). Althought I won't be as defined and as hard as her- it's GREAT motivation for me!!!!! She has GREAT legs and ass.... Just saying lol
Lauren Kern.. My HOT ASS TRAINER!!! I want her body !

1. 65 lb Barbell Squats - I do 3 sets of 10. I squat the bar plus 1 10lb weight on each side; So I squat 65lbs (the bar is 45lbs). You can do this free standing or on the Smith Machine. I do free standing. My trainer says I have one of the best squats she has seen in a long time because I get down really low. Make sure to consult with someone to show you the correct way to squat with the bar before doing it or you can hurt yourself.
Barbell squat

Barbell squat on the smith machine.

2.Level 3 Step Ups - I super-set level 3 step-ups. We use the black metal platforms that are in most gyms.(also in the picture below). Level 3 is pretty high-maybe the highest but I dont know lol. I do 3 sets of 15 step-ups on each leg. I hold on to a bar when stepping up because its really high or I'll hold Laurens hand for balance :)
This is about the height of the level 3 platform I use.

This is what the platforms look like in the gym.

3. Physio-ball Crunch- After the Step-ups I'll do a set of abs. I don't use any weight with this and I do 3 sets of 25 crunches. 

4.Sissy Squats - I did 3 sets of 10 holding on to a bar on the squat machine with 1 hand. Look this up if you have never done it before.
sissy squat

Sissy Squats

5.Bulgarian Split Squat -I super-set the sissy squats with these. I do 3 sets of 15 with no weight on both sides.
Bulgarian Split Squat

6.Leg & Glute Lifts- I finish with 3 sets of 25. I do a regular leg lift and when my legs get to the top I then go into a glute lift and then bring my legs back down and start over. Look at the pics below for reference. I either hold onto a bar behind my head or put my hands under my hips. I plan to record a video of me doing these works out so you can see them and how they are done.
Leg lift

Glute Lift

I hope you enjoy and try out my work out routine. Lauren Kern and I will try to do a video of this work out very soon. Please let me know your feed back and also ask someone to demonstrate the exercise if your not familiar with the motion so you do not hurt yourself :)


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