Saturday, 22 January 2011

Shop with Me: On a Budget

I LOVE finding great deals! Like I said before in my shopping blog- if your rocking a nice bag or a killer pair of heels, it doesnt matter where your shirt or pants are from or how much they cost; you automatically look like a million bucks. So I wanted to do a post on things that I  have chosen from different stores that make it possible to look fabulous but "On a budget".( If you havent seen my "Lets Talk: Shopping blog please read it for some awesome shopping tips)  
I will be doing numerous posts on this topic but in this entry I will be talking about cute shirts from only. To look for these on the website simply type in the name of the item in the search <3
Here we go..
I love thermal shirts. This one looks nice and long in length and comes in a variety of colors :) I also love the detail on the neck line.

This one I would cut the neck line a bit and make it off the shoulder- unless the neck line is big enough already. Pretty

This tank is soooo cute!!! ANd its razor back which is super cute. Paired with jeans or cute jean shorts.. love

Fell in love with this shirt. Not only is it a V neck which is my FAV but the bunny is super cute and I love the pink bow. I would so rock this with jeans or leggings, flats or heels.

This is a super cute cropped shirt. I think this summer cropped shirts are going to be really big. I pair mine with juicy terry pants, shorts or jeans... so cute

This is perfect for summer and at only $25.00 its a steal. It looks alot more expensive than that

This I would totally rock to the gym over my gym top or with shorts as it covers alot.  Depending on the neck line I may cut it as well to make it off the shoulder.

This cardigan looks very similar to the jacket I wore while shopping  in Vegas by style stalker and a fraction of the cost! Click  link to see jacket  I'm talking about

I LOVE this shirt and have one I bought at Saks by Kain ( click here to see ) Except I like the sleeves on this one way better..

Simple great razor back tank. So cute. Love the color combo

This looks super cute to me- although I DEFF would NOT tuck it in like she has it and I may cut the neck line as well, depends how it looks on

This shirt looks just like ones I have from American Apparel . Love the sleeves on this and the comfy fit

OMG to die for and only $20.00 . How cute with shorts- off the shoulder in the summer or over a bikini at the beach when it starts to get alittle chilly.. LOVE

Love this for many reasons. 1. It's silk, 2. It's only $25.00 and 3. The color is amazing on all skin types and great for summer- day or night. Day with shorts and flips and night with jeans and heels.. LOVE

Cute and simple. Dress up or dress down. Great piece to have

This reminds me of my Wildfox sweatshirt I have that I paid over $100.00 for it.

Super cute- looks just like wildfox but soo much less.

I love this for 2 reasons. 1. Because I was born in 1985 and 2. bc of the style. V neck, comfy boy friend style, can be worn off the shoulder- grey faded colors.. Just love

Really pretty. I have one that looks just like this ( see here) . Can be worn over a bikini as a cover up, or with shorts like shown or even pants with cute heels or boots :)

I love the olive knit shirt for over a bikini at the beach. I'm adding something like this to my line 

Great length, great neutral color, light weight- great item to have

So cute. Love the girly sleeves super cute for day or night..

I hope this was fun and that I gave you great ideas on what to look for or at least what I look for when shopping.
Again all of these cute items came from and to find them just type in the name of the item in the search.


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